10 Unique Gift Ideas for the Trekkie on Your List

Captain’s Log Stardate now. The gift giving season is closing in at warp speed and the only thing we are all lacking more than money is time. That’s why the crew at the Geekiverse is finding all of the best gifts for the uber fans (super fans, not fans of ride sharing) on your shopping list. We’ve already done a list for the Star Wars fans and for Harry Potter aficionados . Here’s 13 great ideas for the Star Trek lover whose stocking you need to stuff.

Star Trek Beyond on Bluray

Every Trekkie needs this one in their collection. Check out our stellar review of the film that Grumpy thought was one of the best films of 2016.

Star Trek Socks Set

What? These come in three different colors and three different styles. Argyle was out by the 23rd century. Pity.

Enterprise Bottle Opener

Perfect addition to any bar for popping the tops on a cold Andorian Ale.

Enterprise 3D Night Light


7 colors. One for each time some captain destroys the Enterprise?

Star Fleet Tee Shirt

An officially licensed Star Trek product. 100% cotton tee.  Transporter safe.

United Federation of Planets Flag


Get yours a few centuries before the Federation is formed. Makes you or your Trekkie pal a REALLY early adopter.

Star Trek Abbey Road Walk Tee Shirt


Cross fan boying of the highest caliber, right?

Star Trek Coffee Mug


Perfect for a hot cup of Vulcan Mocha or a cup of Earl Grey.

50 Years 50 Artists Book


To celebrate the 50th anniversary of Trek, CBS Consumer Productions commissioned an art book filled for art from professionals and fan favorites commemorating some of the great characters, episodes and moments from the franchise. This looks like the coolest thing on the whole list.

Preorder Your Copy of Headlong Flight(The Next Generation)


Available in January of 2017. Get yours on order today .

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