Gift Ideas For The Harry Potter Geek

You don’t want to wait last minute scrambling to get something you’re not even sure they’ll like and who wants to wait in those lines? Here at The Geekiverse, we pride ourselves with being Geeks so here’s some Geeky items for him or her that might just make you the best gift giver this year!


1.)  The Unofficial Harry Potter Cookbook

Image result for the unofficial harry potter cookbook

Ever wanted to make Butterbeer or maybe have a Cauldron Cake but don’t want to fly down to Florida? Well with this cookbook, you don’t have to! And you can make your own Hogwarts Feast in your very own house.

2.) Magic Wand TV Remote

Image result for Tv remote wand

Looking at all the reviews and the different types of ‘Magic Wands’ out there, I’ve settled on this one. Just remember, it takes time and practice to get the right ‘spell’ to work, but how cool is it that you can change channels with a flick of your wrist?!


3.) Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them

Image result for fantastic beasts and where to find them book cover

I can’t be the only one excited about the movie and what better way than to have your own copy of the screenplay?


We hope this guide was helpful. Share it with a friend! Happy Holidays!

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