Timeless: Stranded Review

What are you supposed to do when you go back in time to the 1700s and then someone shoots your time machine? Not ideal. Not ideal at all.


This episode started in a different manner than every episode preceding it. We found our heroes already back in time and running from an enemy, which happened to be a band of French soldiers this time around. It turned out that the team had followed Flynn’s men back to 1754, to the middle of the French and Indian War.

A major problem the team faced this week was that Flynn’s men were finally starting to think outside the box. They seemingly led Lucy, Wyatt, and Rufus to a time and place where they had little chance of surviving, and then rendered their time machine unusable. The trio quickly put two and two together and figured out this plan, but not before it was too late and they were stranded.

One thing I’d like to point out is that Wyatt talked about the  Ritten House recorder WHILE BEING RECORDED ON THE RITTEN HOUSE RECORDER. He then proceeded to throw it in the water, making this the second consecutive mission in which the recording device has been drowned. Don’t you think Ritten House will catch on pretty soon? So much for laying low!

Another plot hole: why wear British garb when transporting into an area where everyone (the French and the Natives alike) hates the British? This seems like something they should have thought about, as they were sent to an area occupied by the French. I know they can’t possibly predict everything, like maybe where specifically they might land, but couldn’t they have brought both British AND French clothing? Just a thought.

The Ritten House agent only made a brief appearance in this episode, talking to Mason about why Lucy was chosen over any other history buff (of which there are plenty, and some of them would have been even more qualified than she is). It seems like Mason is starting to stand up to these people, too, and I’m not sure where they will take this with future episodes, but it has given his character more depth, rather than just being a sinister guy who tells Rufus what to do. He connected with Jiya and talked fondly about knowing Rufus. It was this conversation that sparked Jiya’s realization that the message Rufus had sent was about Star Wars (which was awesome, might I add), helping her to fill in the missing words.

Speaking of Rufus, he has begun to show more and more growth in bravery and leadership from week to week. He saved Lucy and Wyatt from death at the hands of the Indians just by talking their chief down, as well as coming up with a plan to patch the time machine and use the protocol to get a message back to the crew for help. All the characters are gaining more depth, and this is one characteristic about Rufus that I think just keeps getting better.

And that scene at the end where Rufus and Jiya kiss! They’ve both found courage in his making it back to the present alive with her help. It took a catastrophe for her to realize her feelings and for him to speak his, but it finally did happen. Score one for the geeks.

At the end of this episode, Wyatt tried to convince Lucy that fate is not something that controls people, but that the choices people make are what create history. Lucy was of the opinion that everything happens for a reason, and she believed that Flynn truly had a journal written by her future self. Wyatt insisted, however, that “if you’re not happy with the history Flynn has predicted for you, then rewrite it.” It seems like he would be right about this, since this is kind of the whole premise of the show and has been happening all along, with both Flynn and the team making changes to history that actually do impact the future, no matter how minutely.



This episode provided a fresh storyline that didn’t involve the same back and forth with Flynn’s plans, or a monumental historical event for the team to crash-land into and change (or try to stop Flynn from changing). The characters are getting deeper back stories and earning each other’s trust back along the way, also making the show enjoyable on a different level.

+ The whole team is getting wittier with their banter, even in these perilous times

+ They FINALLY made a Back to the Future reference! “We’re short a couple capacitors.” “Like a flux capacitor?” “No. Those don’t exist.” Classic.

+ A Star Wars analogy saved the day – I knew I liked this show for a reason

– This whole recording device business – the team needs to come up with a better plan than just throwing it into water every week. These Ritten House guys don’t seem THAT dumb.

– The team wearing British clothes in the middle of a French area at a time of war – smart!


What did you think of this episode of Timeless?  Leave your comment below!

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