Star Wars Rebels: Iron Squadron Review


*Spoiler free*

After a week off, Star Wars: Rebels is back with Iron Squadron, a self-contained story about a new crew of Rebel sympathizers we haven’t met before.

Our favorite Rebels find themselves in contact with Iron Squadron, a triplet band of teenage kids that feel they can take on the Empire themselves (look how well that worked out for Dak, am I right?). Zeb references that the Iron Squadron ship sounds like a ship full of Ezras, which I thought was a nice self-aware touch.

The problem with the squadron is that they just aren’t likable and sadly, don’t seem to have any redeeming qualities. It’s bad when you make Ezra look like a mature leader that has years of wisdom upon which to rely. Don’t get me wrong – I have enjoyed Ezra’s development over the course of the three seasons of Star Wars: Rebels, but still.

Therein lies the problem with this week’s episode. Because our new main characters are insufferable, it distracts from most of what worked. I appreciated the space battles we witnessed between the Rebels and a small group of Tie Fighters, as we don’t really see a lot of those dogfights in this series. The connection with Commander Sato is weak too, providing no real emotional depth, as was intended I’m sure.

One positive to fall back on is the reemergence of Thrawn. He has been my favorite part of this season and I very much wish that we would get to see more of him. I know we’ll have a brand new book from Timothy Zahn in 2017 to give us our Thrawn dosage, but I want to see more screen time and I believe Disney is dropping the ball here.



Perhaps that score is a bit low, but I find a hard time in rationalizing a higher number.  The story was uninspired, uninteresting, and did not move the plot along in any significant way. Rebels, you can do better.


+ Thrawn. Any Thrawn is good Thrawn.

+ Dogfights that include Tie Fighters.

– Lackluster story.

– Terrible Iron Squadron characters.

– Doesn’t move the plot along.

Josiah LeRoy is The Geekiverse’s Star Wars Jedi Master. He recently reviewed the novel Star Wars: Bloodline. Rogue One: A Star Wars Story is almost here!

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