Suicide Squad – Jared the Joker and Method Acting

When I think about all that was good about the Suicide Squad film, Jared Leto doesn’t even come to mind. He was such a small part of the film, really only there as Harley Quinn’s origin story, and quite frankly, I wasn’t all that impressed with Leto’s (or Ayer’s, maybe) take on the Clown Prince of Crime. So when I heard these stories, it cemented my belief that maybe Leto is just kind of a jerk.
I’ve spent some time around actors. Got my degree in theater and carved out a nice little career for myself that involved both professional and educational theater. I’ve taken acting classes in college and out. Point is, I’ve seen a lot of characters developed over the last 3+ decades, and this just isn’t necessary.

Luckily, I haven’t had to deal with too many method actors. We may not have gotten along very well. The idea that you have to so totally immerse yourself in your character that you have to be your character on and off set/stage is so utterly ridiculous and pretentious that I am not sure how method actors get hired ever. For the creative staff and their castmates, that is so totally high maintenance, that it wouldn’t be worth the trouble, since there are so many great actors out there that aren’t full goose bozo.

I suppose it is OK to go all method actor if your character is a Disney princess or Matt Damon’s character in The Martian (what do we care if he wants to eat potatoes grown in poop off set?) but the idea that  Leto had to play the Joker 24/7 is absurd.

Photo credit: Warner Brothers
Photo credit: Warner Brothers

When I looked at articles about some of the crazy Joker crap that he did to his castmates, it made ME want to dope slap him, and I abhor violence. Grow up, Jared, this is make believe. It’s why we call it acting. Sending real rats and animal carcasses to your team isn’t helping to build your character, it’s cray, cray, and it doesn’t make you better at your job, it makes you a jerk.  Sending anal beads and used condoms just makes you a sick puppy.

Leto was a casting decision that was made, but after that, it’s on Warner Brothers and David Ayer to control that team. The other members of that cast don’t deserve that kind of depraved behavior in the work place. I’m trying to imagine a place in the modern world where you don’t get fired for sending unsolicited sex toys or prophylactics, new or used, to your coworkers. I can’t.

This all comes up now because the home version of Suicide Squad is available on 12/13/16 and Collider just released a clip that is in the extra content on the Blu-ray that is basically Leto and Ayer justifying Jared’s abusive behavior. I give it a big fat whatever, fellas. Lots of GREAT actors out there that don’t need to resort to that kind of nonsensical need for attention.

I am still, however, looking forward to getting my copy of Suicide Squad on Blu-ray, and this is one of the reasons why. This stuff just feeds my inner Grumpy and makes perfect fodder for the Grumpy Geek. There is also a bunch of new Joker and Harley Quinn footage on the disk, and while I had little use for Leto, I thought Margot Robbie was so good, that I’ll take anything more that I can get. MARVEL and X-Men movies have had an epic run of casting incredible people into iconic roles: RDJ as Tony Stark, Evans as Cap, Scar-Jo as Black Widow and Jackman as Wolverine are people I wish never had to be replaced. Margot is the first in the DCEU that I feel that way about. I can watch her Harley Quinn all day long.

Photo credit: Warner Brothers

You can order your copy of Suicide Squad right here at the Geekiverse, and you’ll get it on release day if you have Prime, which you can try FREE for 30 days here.

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