Gotham: Blood Rush Review


*Spoiler Free

Gotham’s Mad City story line continues this week as Jim Gordon returns to the GCPD and Lieutenant Barnes takes another step towards insanity.

Predictably, we visit Jervis Tetch aka Mad Hatter in Arkham Asylum. Barnes needs a way to reverse the curse, but there isn’t one (that we know of). Benedict Samuel’s performance as Tetch continues to impress, despite a severely reduced amount of screen time. The total madness and darkness that Samuel displays is consistently getting weirder each time we see him. Though his part in this story might be running its course, I am glad the writers decided to place him at Arkham as opposed to killing him off. Though of course, death means nothing in comic book shows and films these days. Come on studios, lets get some finality here!

Gordon back at the GCPD tells me that we are close to Barnes’ end and his promotion to Chief. That could be delayed if Fox decides to take the show in a different direction, but I assume we will be seeing Jim in the captain’s chair shortly.

Michael Chiklis’ rendition of Barnes has subtly become one of my favorite parts of the series. Chiklis is a talented individual and plays the “good cop” persona to a tee. That’s what makes his inevitable dissent all the more interesting – no one can stay good in Gotham, right?

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Next week’s episode is likely going to lead us to a big step in the series’ current arch. I am curious to see if this is the one that sets the dominoes into action, or if we are going to bide our time with another filler story line. My prediction leans slightly towards the former.



Doom is coming for Barnes, but I hope not too soon. I have grown rather fond of Chiklis.


+ Chiklis’ performance as Barnes and his overall arch.

+ Gordon is thankfully done with bounty hunting.

+ Good setup for next week has been wanting more.

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