Geek Pull #4: FunimationNow

A while back, the amazing (and recently betrothed) Sam Budzinski wrote an article about an anime called Noragami.  This really caught my interest, so I decided to check it out.  With only one dubbed season available on Hulu/Netflix at the time, I decided to subscribe to the FunimationNow app.  This started an almost never-ending cavalcade of delicious anime binging!

One of my biggest problems with anime, and this probably has to do with me growing up in the pre-streaming era, is that purchasing anime on DVD is super expensive.  This is still true today: the first part of Sword Art Online rings up at $59.98 on Amazon, so getting into a new show has always been tricky unless you know a fellow collector who is willing to let you borrow some discs.  I remember yearning for some new system to emerge which would let me try out new shows without breaking the bank.

Wish granted.

The FunimationNow  app is basically the Netflix of anime.  Currently, they have hundreds of shows and movies to choose from.  This is set to grow even more as Funimation and Crunchyroll have teamed up and are currently working on a new website and app (you can check the progress on that here).

Classics, like DBZ, are well represented in the FunimationNow library.
Classics, like DBZ, are well represented in the FunimationNow library.

There really is a show for everybody available here too.  Feel like some action?  How about Dragon Ball Z?  Want a little comedy?  Try some Kenichi: The Mightiest Disciple or Shinchan  Feeling a drama?  Well…try…anything!  One of the best parts of anime is that almost every show combines genres.  Take one of my new favorites: Assassination Classroom.  I feel like this show has the perfect amount of action, drama, and comedy.  Sometimes I’m laughing out loud, sometimes on the edge of my seat, and sometimes I’m thinking about the theme of the episode and how the characters have grown.

Assassination Classroom is the real deal: action, comedy, and drama in one package.
Assassination Classroom is the real deal: action, comedy, and drama in one package.

At $5.99/month for the premium version, I really think FunimationNow is a steal for anime fans or even for people who want to try to get into this wonderful area of entertainment.  You get ad-free access to the gigantic library of Funimation shows; unlimited computer, console, and mobile device streaming; and simulcast options for certain shows, which means you get to watch the episode shortly after its Japanese release!As of right now, you can do a 14-day trial or sign up for a free account, which lets you watch certain episodes with ads, but no simulcasts.  Trust me, for $5.99/month, this subscription is way worth it!

Andrew is a Geekiverse writer/editor who is contemplating cosmetic surgery to make him look like Korosensei.


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