Geek Pull #3: The Ranch Season 1, Part 2

If you loved That 70’s Show, rejoice!  This is the hillbilly version, yet oddly more emotional.

I watched the first part of Season 1 of The Ranch as something to do. A time killer, if you will. It was so outside my normal show interests that I never thought to review it. Part 2 of Season 1 is much the same, but I think any casual Netflix fan would enjoy this.

Just a couple of bro’s talking about Mrs. Buttersworth

For a quick back story: Colt (Ashton Kutcher) and Rooster Bennett (Danny Masterson) are on a family owned ranch. Colt is a failed Quarterback, and Rooster is just your typical small town dude. Beau (Sam Elliott), the father, owns the ranch with his wife, Maggie (Debra Winger), who eventually skips town. Colt and Rooster are trying to prove themselves as heirs to the throne as ranchers, and Beau is trying to decide what’s next for the business. Keep it in the family or sell and move on. Oh, and there’s a love triangle in there with a hot girl that Colt just met, and the high school love interest who is engaged to another due. Okay great.

3 Ranchers get into a truck…

This show runs exactly like That 70’s Show. Quick wise cracks that can build up, and then quickly shift gears into a more serious tone. Or those jokes come in the middle of a serious moment, and you’re half chuckling, while still feeling the somber tones as Rooster decides to leave the family business for more money. It’s a roller coaster type of show that attempts to recreate what That 70’s Show does. They even brought back Wilmer Valderrama. Do they capitalize on the magic from That 70’s Show? Personally, I think not, but I grew up with that show and was invested in Eric and Donna, as well as Jackie and Kelso and Hyde and all that stuff. Plus there were multiple seasons from that show. This is the first season, and things just started getting good.

Beau is dealing with a divorce, everyday farm issues, and trying to figure out the future of the family farm. The writers throw in a lot of real-life issues. Then you get the small town love-triangle with Abby and Heather,and once again, growing up in a smaller town, that stuff happens (never to me, because you know, ginger). The cast and writers do a good job bring in a lot of real emotion–so much so that I grew a vested interest in the whole ordeal. Colt trying to figure out which girl to go with as each of them struggles with their own feelings, Rooster falling for Abby’s mother (weird) and then deciding to go off and make more money because he never feels good enough for his father, Beau struggling with his ranch and where it should go next. And then the curveball at the end (which I will save for you) is all very tumultuous to say the least.

Swearing and drinking beer on the porch. Tis the life.

I suggest you give this a try if you like blue humor that will easily suck you in and have you question why Beau can’t get over his dumb pride, what Maggie is trying to prove with the family business, why Colt can’t get his own head of his butt, and where Rooster is going to end up finally. Not that I’ve been thinking about this…


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