Overwatch's Next Character Revealed!

Well, Blizzard took their sweet time, but Sombra, the long-rumored addition to Overwatch, has been officially revealed today!

After a long Alternate-Reality Game (ARG) that had begun to ruffle some gamers’ feathers, Blizzard finally came through during Blizzcon today, officially revealing the mysterious hacker, Sombra.  Check out her cool intro video below.

To accompany her official reveal, Blizzard has also released an animated short that helps to give more information about how she fits into the Overwatch universe.

Lastly, check out the official biography page of Somba on the Play Overwatch website for information on her special abilities and weapons loadout.

There’s some really cool Overwatch POP Vinyl figures too.

As a sucker for “bad” characters, I think her story sounds great.  It also seems as if she plays a lot like Reaper, but leaning more towards an offensive-support role instead of full-on offense.  It will be interesting to see how she fits in the meta once she is given a chance to settle in with the rest of the roster.  Will she be a team must-have?  Or will she be passed over?  Time will tell!


Andrew is a Geekiverse writer/editor and an avid Overwatch player.  At New York Comic Con 2016, he cosplayed as a Sleepy Reapy.  Perhaps next year he’ll be a Macho Sombra?  Game with him by adding FeirlessLeider to your Xbox Live, PSN, or Steam accounts.

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