Timeless: The Alamo Review

Never surrender or retreat. Especially when trying to save history.


This week, the Timeless group was transported back to 1836, to a war they thought they had no hope of getting out of. The overall feel of this episode was very tense and anxiety-inducing. It is apparent that any character may be killed off at any time, and that is made clear by all of the characters’ near death experiences on these missions week to week.

Davy Crockett made an appearance in this episode, telling stories of his adventures. He helped Rufus gain strength and courage by telling him that his stories were untrue, but that “sometimes folks need a leader who can wrestle a bear.” This inspired Rufus to try harder to get the women and children to safety during the battle. It seems that the team is always learning lessons and bettering themselves through their wild trips throughout time.

As part of his mysterious plan, Flynn killed Colonel Travis before he could finish his famous letter. In order to preserve the memory of the Alamo, Lucy ended up having to rewrite the letter from memory. This proved difficult for her to remember, so Lucy wrote something heartfelt and made sure to sign it “Victory or Death,” as Travis originally had. This was one of the biggest components of this historical event, and the team was able to save a piece of American history through this simple letter. I think it’s interesting how they’re always changing small, yet seemingly important details, but it does not seem to alter the present, as their first adventure did.

Flynn did have a moment of human decency in trying to save the women and children by pleading with Santa Anna, but he refused. After having this disagreement, Flynn disappeared, not to be seen again for the remainder of the episode. As previously stated, he somehow always ends up getting away and going back to the present, where no one can find him.

Another occurrence in this episode was that Wyatt started having flashbacks to his time in the war. He told his story of having to leave six men behind to die, giving more insight as to why he has trouble with these missions, always trying to save a bystander from trouble or help someone in need.

Given this history, Wyatt almost stayed behind to die at the Alamo, saying he couldn’t leave good men like this again. Lucy convinced him to join her and Rufus by letting him know that she trusts him and that the group needs him. Each week we see the team become more and more close knit as they tackle these tough missions throughout history.

At Lucy’s request, Wyatt convinced John Smith to deliver the letter that she wrote, ensuring that Americans remember the Alamo. Just another example of how these three are becoming an incredible team, even though they didn’t love each other in the beginning. This was further solidified when Lucy and Rufus stood up to Agent Christopher, fighting to keep Wyatt as part of their group, even though he hadn’t completed his part of the mission in taking out Flynn.

The episode both started and ended with Lucy having a tough time adjusting to her new life and having a strained relationship with her mom. Lucy’s mother finally talked to her about her dad, handing her a piece of paper with his name on it. What a twist, as Lucy never would have known her father wasn’t the man her mother originally married if she hadn’t gone on that initial time travel mission.




The show seems to be progressing with its interesting historical events and character development, but the plot is not progressing as quickly. Flynn’s story was yet again left a bit unfinished, and the team is not gaining on him any faster. Other than these speed bumps, I thought this week’s episode was well played out.

+ The group is building stronger ties as the weeks go on

+ The historical adventures are still exciting each episode

– Nothing ever changes the present as the team’s first trip did

– Flynn is still disappearing quite easily

– Still not really making much progress with learning Flynn’s plan


What did you think of this episode of Timeless?  Leave your comment below!


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