Ranking The Office Halloween Episodes

Happy Halloween, Geeks! Lets take a journey to Scranton, PA to visit our favorite paper company, Dunder Mifflin. These are the Halloween episodes of The Office, ranked.

5. Spooked – Season 8

Season 8 was the first without Steve Carrell as Michael Scott, and the show suffered greatly with his absence. James Spader’s Robert California was funny at times, but ultimately an odd departure from past management. Regardless, this episode was an above average one for the season. Robert tells a creepy story that preys on each of the employees’ fears, while Gabe horrifyingly puts together a brutally awkward short film. The highlight: Gotham’s David Maszouz cameos as California’s son. The ending of the episode is hilarious, as he teams with Dwight to fire Toby.

4. Employee Transfer – Season 5

This episode could barely be considered a Halloween special, but it still ranks better thanĀ Spooked. The best part is seeing Creed, Kevin, and Dwight all dress up as Heath Ledger’s Joker from The Dark Knight. If there’s one thing I enjoyed about The Office’s Halloween episodes, it’s that they are a good marker for significant pop culture icons and moments. In 2008, nothing was more popular than Ledger’s Joker at Halloween time.

3. Koi Pond – Season 6

Again, this is barely a Halloween episode, but the Koi Pond incident is one of the series’ funniest episodes. During the show’s opening moments, we get to see everyone’s costumes, including Darryl as a “Gangster Pumpkin.”

2. Costume Contest – Season 7

InĀ Costume Contest, the group fights over a Scranton Coupon Book. The costumes are magnificent, and this is a Halloween centric episode through and through,

1. Halloween – Season 2

Michael is tasked with firing someone by day’s end, though he had an entire month to decide. Hilarity ensues as Michael tries to figure it out on the fly while hoping to avoid it all together. Michael’s two-headed outfit is great, but Dwight’s takes the cake as Darth Sidious.
How about you? What were your favorite episodes? Leave a comment below!

Happy Halloween from The Geekiverse!


Josiah LeRoy is The Geekiverse’s founder. He is a huge fan of The Office, ranking it as the second greatest show of all time. For better or worse, he often compares himself to Michael Scott.

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