Timeless: Party at Castle Varlar Review

Germany, 1944. Does anyone have any idea how we’re gonna get lederhosen in the next five minutes?


This week’s episode was yet again adventurous, taking us back to December of 1944 in Nazi Germany. The group continues to make minute changes that seem like they won’t have large repercussions, but what if these actions create consequences for the future?

Case in point, when they first arrived in 1944, they opened the door of the time machine to find a German soldier staring back at them, and Wyatt’s first instinct was to immediately shoot him. This worked out well for the group, but what if this small change somehow rippled out and impacted something else? Lucy made this point when telling Wyatt not to kill unless it was necessary.

The most exciting part of this week’s show was most definitely its famous guest, Ian Fleming, who was the real life spy that James Bond is based on. The trio was instantly starstruck by meeting and getting to work with him. The kicker was that Fleming continuously hit on Lucy, making her a total badass. It was pretty comical at the end of the episode when Mason told the group that their adventure was the exact plot of the James Bond movie from 1964, Weapon of Choice. Upon reading the synopsis, the team finds that their names are all used in the movie. How exciting and funny that they’re changing things like pop culture by going into the past and making minor moves during major events.

An interesting aspect of the show is that Wyatt and Lucy seem to be getting closer as time goes on. They started out annoyed with each other, as most TV couples do, but it’s unclear if it will go anywhere as of yet, since Lucy has a new fiancé and all. When Lucy was having a breakdown about all the change happening in her life and the fact that she couldn’t control any of it, Wyatt was there to talk her through it. He advised her to figure out what it is she’s fighting for, just like he fights to make his grandfather proud. What a touching moment with a little more insight into two of our main characters’ lives.

It seems that each episode contains some kind of strong moment for Rufus, and this one crescendoed throughout the whole show. He asked Fleming how he was able to lie all the time, and then he asked Van Braun if he ever considered the people he was hurting with his scientific advances. Both of these related to his character on a personal level, giving him a lot of depth. It was such a proud moment when Rufus came to his senses and finally stood up to Mason, showing that he cared for his team and didn’t want to break their trust anymore. Too bad it was all for naught, as Ritten House has much more power than anyone estimated. With an indirect but very clear threat to his family’s lives, I don’t see how Rufus will avoid spying on Lucy and Wyatt from here on out.

Every conversation between Flynn and Lucy confuses me more than the last. This time around, just like every other time, Flynn tried to convince Lucy that he was doing everything for “the greater good.” It’s very curious that he won’t just outright tell her what is going on, but it seems to be something he simply cannot talk about, or else why would he not already have done so? Flynn called himself a patriot and told Lucy he wished she could understand why he was doing what he was doing. He is definitely painted as the “bad guy” of the show, but I still have suspicions that he and the team of heroes are not so different from each other. So much secrecy, so little time.

The episode closed with Lucy finally making some demands for compensation for this insane job she got pulled into. Asking for a cover story was expected, but asking to make her sister exist again seems like a pretty tough feat. I’m not sure Lucy can trust these people to keep their word, but what choice does she have? I also don’t think Lucy will just walk away, as she is the project’s only hope for understanding where and when Flynn and his group are, and she seems to care about America and its history too much to just quit.




So far, the show seems to have the same kind of setup each week. The group is sent back to a time and place where Flynn has been located for unknown reasons, and they must stop whatever it is he tries to change during a historical event. Then, amid the chaos they create, Flynn always seems to get away and go back to the present. The only big development is that Flynn has an atomic bomb in the present and we are unsure what he plans to do with it. I’m not sure where they are going to go with this plot line next, but it seems to be working out so far. The episodes are continually exciting and eventful, while still having the historical aspect.

+ They got to share a drink with the real James Bond? And he liked Lucy?! That’s fantastic.

+ So many Bond references, so much irony.

+ Awesome secret passageway in the castle leading them to safety? Lucy’s historical knowledge for the win.

– Crazy things keep happening, yet I feel like we’re not getting much further with the overall plot of the show

– They would probably be changing a lot more things in history than they realize with their seemingly insignificant actions, but this hasn’t been reflected as much as it was in the initial episode

– How does Flynn always just get away? He is usually the one chasing the heroes, but somehow always ends up going back to the present before they do.


What did you think of this episode of Timeless?  Will the plot continue on the path it’s on now, or start to progress more with next week’s episode? Leave your comment below!


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