One thought on “Gotham: Follow The White Rabbit Review”

  1. I definitely agree that this was among the best of the series to date, up there with “Prisoners” for me, which I’d rank higher. I also agree that Ben McKenzie and Benedict Samuel were brilliant. They haven’t worked together that long, but they have a compelling dynamic that keeps me riveted. I also liked how Jim, despite how he’s been knocked down and kicked while down for the better part of a year, at least, did what he could to turn the tables and try to confuse Tetch. That’s no easy feat when Jim’s dealing with someone completely deranged with no conscience, sense of consequences, and who has devoted himself to planning how to destroy his chosen target by inflicting the most emotional pain. The pace and back and forth was like the most intense kind of high stakes tennis match. They hit it out of the park and had very few distractions without numerous sub-plots and character appearances kept to a minimum. Gotham can get bogged down in deciding it has to bring cast members in just to make forced appearances. It was a plus not to have precious time wasted. The B-plot was kept to the essential, for the most part, and maybe only Tabitha and Barbara dragged a little and could have been a phone call.

    Without giving anything away to anyone who hasn’t watched, I’m not sure what to make of Lee or if it’s Morena Baccarin who recites lines, but seems very flat in her tone and just isn’t expressive physically. Considering that some scenes should have called for other reactions, that got my attention. I understand that Valerie (Jamie Chung), is supposed to be standoffish and someone who’s conveniently using Jim on her terms for her career and a little fun on the side, so her detachment is different. Also, without giving away the last so-called “choice” that Jim is forced to make, which isn’t a choice at all, following Jim’s attempts to negotiate, distract and confuse Tetch, I thought he went for the element of surprise and then thought Tetch would never do as he said, but the opposite. After all, why would Tetch do anything except what he planned on doing? Either he’d decided when he cooked up his scheme, or waited to see how many he could eliminate, starting with whoever Jim didn’t single out. Jim would have to be hoping to buy time to create a diversion based on shock value or hope that he read Tetch right and the person he wanted protected would be.

    This is leading to the next episode which I hope builds on the intensity with more compelling interactions and revelations. We know that the actors can deliver. If Tetch is really trying to do Jim in and has the ammunition from the background, then I hope that there’s plenty devoted to exploring Jim’s history in a variety of contexts dating from the traumas that would have first shaped him and building to the more recent ones with so many questions.

    Thanks for this and it’s great to see that you noted all of the positives.

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