The Walking Dead: Last Day on Earth Review (SPOILERS)

The group comes face to face with their greatest threat so far in the series. Who will live, and who will die?


For any hard-core readers of this series, I’m sorry for the wait for this season finale review! Let’s just say that it was a cliff hanger, just like this episode turned out to be. But we’ll talk about that later.

In this episode, we start off with an extremely sick Maggie in desperate need of medical attention. The group decides to take off for The Hilltop, but soon find that no matter which way they go, Negan’s Saviors are blocking the road. Now I know that this was seen by many reviewers as an easy way to extend the episode to it’s 90 minute length, and a lot of reviewers took this in a negative way, but I really didn’t mind this part of the plot at all. It really made you feel like there was no other way to go, and boy was it frightening!

We also saw a lot of story concerning Carol on the run from Alexandria and the group, with Morgan in pursuit to try to convince her not to leave. In my opinion, this part of the episode was kind of stale. I know that most of the drama was in the scenes with Rick and the rest of the crew, and I really wish that the writers would have just stuck with their story instead. I think that just showing Carol leaving would have been a big enough event that would have carried into season 7, and Morgan chasing Carol could have been an entire episode in the new season. I did appreciate the arrival of a new character, hinting at the introduction of the new settlement of The Kingdom. I’m excited to see King Ezekiel from the comics, and his special pet! But I won’t ruin that little nugget.

Lastly came the event that everyone has been talking about; the entrance of Jeffery Dean Morgan’s character, Negan. I think he was the perfect actor to play The Walking Dead’s most hated villian, and what a villain he has shown himself to be! Even though we only see him for the last portion of the episode, I don’t think even the Governor can compare. The monologue that Negan gave sent chills up my spine, and his trusty baseball bat Lucille backs up all of his words with a barbed-wire beating.

Everyone was ready for a death at the end of the episode. I even remember right before watching the episode saying to myself “It’s going to be ok Trevor, it’s just a TV show.” And they definitely gave us a death, just not in the way anyone was expecting. The sudden and cruel cliff hanger was probably one of the worst endings I’ve viewed for the end of a season. On the other hand, it kept people talking all summer, and had many fans guessing as to who was going to be killed off.

My predictions:

  • Daryl – It has been a big rumor around the Walking Dead community that Daryl is destined to die at the end of Negan’s bat. While I am hoping and praying that this doesn’t happen, it would be a memorable moment in The Walking Dead’s plot. On the other hand, people would riot.
  • Abraham – Abraham is already a dead man walking, especially with Denise taking an arrow to the back of the head in what was his death scene from the comics. Maybe they were saving his death in the show for a scene that was more fitting for his personality?
  • Glenn – If you are a die-hard Walking Dead fan, you know that in the comics, Negan beats Glenn to death with Lucille. As said before, the creators haven’t always been true to the comic story arc, so maybe it won’t happen? I’m not totally convinced.

Final Score


+ Finally introduced to Negan

+ Mastery of suspense throughout episode

+ Made Negan and the Saviors look way more powerful

+ All actors gave great and thrilling performances

+ Teaser of The Kingdom was very nice

+/- End of episode left me wanting more

– Didn’t show who was killed off

– The Carol/Morgan plat seemed drawn out and dry

– Please don’t kill off any of my favorite characters!

What did you guys think? Did you get chills from Negan? What did you think of the cliff hanger ending? Did you enjoy the Carol/Morgan plot line?  Let us know in the comments below!

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Trevor White is a Walking Dead fan and is going to be so disappointed if they killed off Daryl. He is also a huge fan of Star Wars and pizza.

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