Star Wars Rebels: Hera's Heroes Review


In this week’s episode of Rebels, we return to Ryloth, Hera’s home planet and the focal point of many episodes in the Clone Wars & Rebels series. This time, things are personal.

Hera leads a mission to Ryloth in an effort to bring supplies to the planet. There’s an underlying emotion across the entire episode and it shows multiple sides of multiple characters. First off, Hera’s childhood home is visited by the Imperials. This throwback to The Clone Wars animated series is outstanding. Remember the episode where Obi-Wan Kenobi rescues a little girl while on Ryloth with the Clones? Hera is that little girl, and now she’s one of the big players in the Rebel Alliance. That is nothing short of awesome. It packs such an emotional punch, along with seeing Hera’s Father.

There is also a brief moment for Chopper that gives a little background to his personal story. Any time you can add depth to either a primary or secondary character, I believe it will only spell success for a given series, as it gives the viewers reason to care about them. Chopper is a hit or miss kind of character but thankfully as the series has gone on, he has become more of a staple among the ensemble cast.

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This is Thrawn’s most prominent episode to date, and we begin to see why he is so respected and feared. The more screen time the better for a character that is so highly anticipated such as this. Thrawn is artistically written and portrayed, seemingly always in control of the situation – well, except for his brief tantrum. It’s moments like those that help to emphasize a villain’s power and aura. I can’t wait to see Thrawn really lose it and I already feel sympathy for the poor soul that is nearest to him when he does, Rebel or Imperial. He is a master on the art of war, cunning and ruthless. This also has me counting down until Timothy Zahn’s novel Thrawn comes out next spring.

Ahsoka gets her first Star Wars novel

One particular visual I enjoyed was seeing the Scout Troopers and their Speeder Bikes. Ripped right out of Return of the Jedi, the sights and sounds were beautifully matched up and help to give that authentic Star Wars feel. One revelation that Jeff Beta & Trevor White noticed with me was the way the Scout Trooper’s helmet is designed. The shield pops open, whereas I had always assumed the helmet remained and place and simply slid over the head. Watch again if you didn’t notice. It’s a little thing that Disney threw in that was tailor made for Star Wars Geeks.



Hera’s connection to The Clone Wars, Chopper’s Y-Wing connection, and Thrawn’s presence helped to make this episode one of the strongest yet this season.


+Thrawn gets a large amount of focus.

+ Hera and her Clone Wars tie-in.

+ Scout Trooper/Speeder Bike looks & sounds authentic.

Josiah LeRoy is one of The Geekiverse’s many Star Wars fan boys/gals. He just finished Star Wars: Bloodline and is excited for Titanfall 2 this week.

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