Guardians Of The Galaxy: Volume 2 Teaser Reaction

The first teaser for James Gunn’s follow-up to the surprise hit “Guardians of the Galaxy” dropped today. Obviously.

The short teaser didn’t offer a whole lot in regards to plot details.  Instead, we got a glimpse into the evolving relationships of the misfit crew.  Starlord seems to have been harboring a crush for Gamorra.  Drax has taken to giving counsel (complete with awkward hugs).  The clip highlights the idea of family that was developed in the original, but taken to its next step.

Guardians of the Galaxy on Blu-ray, DVD, & Digital 

We didn’t get to see any of the new faces that fans are eagerly awaiting.  Hopefully, the eventual full trailer will give us some shots of Mantis or Ego the Living Planet.  The clip did manage to highlight more of the fantastic set pieces that are so vital to a space opera style of storytelling.

Awesome Mix, Vol. 1/Guardians of the Galaxy Soundtrack on Vinyl

A brief scene of Rocket and Yondu together makes me hopeful we will get to see the two really lay waste to some bad guys.  Yondu and Nebula returning is very welcome as they were surprisingly popular characters in the original.  Lastly, after seeing Baby Groot, it’s easy to see what everyone will be looking for at Christmas next year.

Overall the teaser accomplishes its purpose.  It gets us excited to see a full trailer, sets some expectations for the film, and gives an idea of what kind of movie we can expect.

The Geekiverse’s Guardians of the Galaxy Review – “Hooked on a Feeling”

What did you think of the tease? We want to hear your thoughts below!

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