Batman The Telltale Series Episode 2: Children of Arkham Review


Children of Arkham picks up the pace in Telltale’s version of the Batman universe and flips the lore on its head. Telltale is doing something that few have tried before in Batman stories and so far it is paying off.

10-19-2016_7-29-14_pmThe temptation to produce something regarding the origin story of Bruce Wayne & his parents’ deaths was too big. Now, before you tune this out, I’ll tell you that this is something you’ve never seen before. I urge you to play this game if you have any weak spot for Batman at all and because you’re reading this, I assume you do. I won’t spoil anything, but the decision to take the story in this direction has added a level of intensity and thought provoking gameplay.

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Bruce’s place in the election has put him in a tough spot and you are forced to make 3-4 very difficult decisions. When I stacked up how my choices matched those of the community during the end credits, I realized that I was not the only one having moral dilemmas. Most decisions came down to near 50-50 splits, a true testament to the difficulty of the situations you are placed in. In fact, I made one decision in particular towards the end of the level that set the stage for episode 3. I absolutely knew what would be the ramifications of my decision. My decision had to do with 2 characters, both well known in the DC universe. I can’t help but wonder what would have happened if I chose the reverse of my initial decision. I may just need to play it through again.


The overall timing of the episode took me approximately an hour and a quarter to complete, as it felt shorter than normal. I wouldn’t have minded a slightly longer episode, but this was almost perfect. Things moved nicely and there was nothing that didn’t move the story along. In other words, there’s no excess.

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There were some huge revelations in this episode and it’s so heavily loaded that it took me a little bit of time to process it all. Dialogue aside, Batman’s combat has drastically improved in performance. Lag is non-existent thanks to a big update that was released for Xbox One’s version of the game. In episode 1’s review, I referenced a fantastic sequence where I surveyed the surroundings, lined up my thugs, and took them down in spectacular fashion. There’s another of these sequences towards the end of the episode, and I became giddy when I realized it was happening again. Essentially, episode 1 and 2 each follow a template, both featuring a fight sequence or two, a detective crime scene to study, etc.



Children of Arkham provides an admirably well performing episode for Telltale that fires on all cylinders, helping to avoid the typical episode 2 lapse for Telltale Games series. Stunning revelations, along with critically important events make episode 3 all the more difficult to wait for. Lets go!


+ Shocking backstory and shocking present day events in Gotham.

+ Changes the Batman lore entirely.

+ Vastly improved action sequences with no lag.

+ Oswald’s creepy mask.

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