Timeless: Atomic City Review

In this episode, we get a taste of 1960s Vegas, including a casino show featuring the Rat Pack, and a desert show featuring atom bombs.


The gang travels to a much more recent time in history this week as Sinatra headlines at a club in Las Vegas in 1962 and they are there to witness it. What I wouldn’t give to be in their shoes just for that evening! The group also meets and works with JFK’s mistress, Judith Campbell, who turned out to be extremely influential in American history.

Early on in this episode, we see Mason looking into Anthony’s kidnapping, and his theory about it surfacing. Mason started to suspect that Anthony was working with Flynn in the very same episode that Anthony coincidentally made his first appearance in any of the past events that the group went to. It was tough to tell which side Anthony was on, as he tried to give Rufus a hint about what Flynn was up to, saying, “here’s to the amazing Chiristy Pitt,” which is a slang term referring to the plutonium core of an a-bomb. Then again, Anthony continued to work with Flynn and even double crossed Rufus and the gang afterward, taking the atom bomb and running off with Flynn as our heroes stayed stranded in the desert. Rufus may be putting a bit too much faith in Anthony, but you never know how these situations can turn out, especially in this show. Moving forward, I am still wondering what Anthony’s motives are, but I’m sure we’ll find that out some time in the near future.

Flynn was very concerned with how the team found him if they supposedly could only track what year he landed in and not his actual whereabouts. Anthony was not aware they could do this, but Jiya once again made some huge advances, figuring out how to track the mothership within a 50 mile radius in any year. This put a wrench in Flynn’s plan, but not for long, as he still pretty much seemed to accomplish his goal of stealing the plutonium core of an atom bomb and burying it for his men to dig up 50 years later. This begs the question of who or what Flynn is looking to blow up in the present. This action did at least seem smarter than trying to make a time jump with an a-bomb in tow.

It did, however, become clear this week that Flynn’s goal is to wipe Ritten House from history. Whether this is a noble goal or not is still unclear, as we don’t have too many details about what Ritten House is or why they want recordings of Lucy and Wyatt’s conversations on their trips through time. It also still doesn’t make sense how these historical events all coincide, or what they have to do with Ritten House. It seems there is a reversal of roles happening, as Flynn may actually have just motives, and the team is on the opposing side trying to foil his plans.

On the bright side, Lucy, Wyatt and Rufus are becoming more of a team with every adventure they encounter. They hit a bump in the road with their disagreements this week, as usual, but they’re starting to work together better, and hopefully it will pay off in future episodes.

“Without the why, how can we be sure we’re on the right side of things?” Good question, Rufus. I’m wondering the same thing. What if the team was hired by Mason to stop Flynn from destroying Ritten House, which ends up being an evil government plot to change things for the worse? The team would never know that in this scenario, they are not the good guys.




This episode was pretty eventful, which is becoming the norm for Timeless. What I didn’t understand was that at the end, Lucy, Rufus and Wyatt went back to the present without having ruined Flynn’s plans at all. Flynn still absconded with the atom bomb, and the group didn’t prevent anything he did from happening at all. Although this was a hiccup, I still thought this episode was well played out and had some really awesome moments.

+ “You ever wake up one day and not recognize your own life?” Poor Lucy, confused about how everything in her life changed. This does make for good cliffhangers to leave the audience in suspense, though.

+ Props to Lucy for finding an awesome fiancé – even though she doesn’t remember him even a little bit.

+ Frank Sinatra! The music in this episode is my cup of tea.

– The team didn’t stop Flynn’s plan at all this time around

– A gun fight? In the presence of an atom bomb? Smart thinking…



What did you think of this episode of Timeless? Are things becoming more clear, or are we left in the dark far too often? Leave your comment below!

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