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Gotham’s Mad City continues on with a new sheriff-er-Mayor in town. The show is generally at its best when Oswald Cobblepot is involved, but not too involved. This week’s episode, Anything For You, is not by any means a bad episode, but it doesn’t do a lot to get the needle moving, with a heavy focus on Penguin and his new duties.

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Penguin (Cobblepot) is struggling to keep crime at bay in his early run as Mayor of Gotham, with the infamous Red Hood Gang making a reappearance. The gang appeared early on in Gotham’s existence, but never truly went anywhere. This admittedly feels like filler material, but it’s good to see an iconic piece of the Batman villainy show up. The dynamic between Penguin’s two secondary guys in Ed Nygma and Butch is getting ugly. What would Gotham be without back stabbing and betrayal running rampant? What is this, Game of Thrones? Much less sex and unimaginable gore, to be certain, but nonetheless it is a game.

The genius of the situation between Nygma and Butch is that we don’t truly know where Nygma’s intentions lie. Is he trying to climb the ladder himself? Is he truly loyal to Penguin? One thing is certain: he doesn’t like Butch. Cory Michael Smith’s Nygma is one of the strong points of the series and giving him more screen time is good thing, as long as he keeps bringing those riddles.

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Penguin, however, seems too gullible these days. He flip flops in trusting Nygma and Butch. His vulnerability is clear, likely stemming from his mother’s death and his abuse from Fish Mooney. A wrench in the story that adds a nice caveat is Tabitha’s seeming loyalty to Butch. Criminals trying to take down criminals is entertaining to watch, but it’s time to focus more on the big picture in Gotham. Prediction: Penguin appoints Jim Gordon commissioner this season, as Nygma alluded to Barnes that the Mayor is the one who oversees said position. I look forward to that episode.

Gordon’s role in the episode is nearly non-existent, though we do see the return of Valerie Vale after a brief absence. The episode’s two other smaller subplots set the stage for what is to come next. First, Bruce and Selena finally come together. It was touching and well executed. I’ve stated before that I love the rapport that Camren Bicondova (Selena) and David Mazouz (Bruce) have and I will continue to look forward to their cat-and-mouse game (pun intended) as the season goes on. Second, Jervis Tetch is still looming. To the show’s credit, his dark, creepy persona is only getting more intense. If next week’s preview is any indication, we are in for a fun ride through Wonderland. If nothing else, the plot looks to be more focused again, which is always a good thing.




Gotham is always a roller coaster, but we knew that going in. This week’s episode does little to further the show’s overall major arcs, but something tells me next week is going to be awesome.

Gotham airs Mondays at 8/7 central on Fox

+ Bruce & Selena.

+ Smith’s Ed Nygma is nothing short of brilliant.

– Average overall plot.

– Little to no focus on Gordon.

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