Star Wars Rebels: The Antilles Extraction Review


**Minor Spoilers Below

Star Wars Rebels’ The Antilles Extraction provides fans with a quick break in the action of what appears to be the season’s main story line and brings us a back story for one of the franchise’s more popular side characters, Wedge Antilles.

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We are provided with a new “Fulcrum” this week – an alias previously given to Ahsoka Tano. This is addressed in a hurry and sadly, it’s not Ahsoka. Rather, it is an informant that we will likely discover the true identity of at some point. The mission and intel guides Sabine Wren to run a solo mission to infiltrate the Imperial Academy and rescue some young pilots who have rumored to be interested in defecting .

Overall, it’s a good episode in the aspect that we get a little focus on the popular Wedge Antilles (Jeff Pawlak’s favorite Star Wars character and Jeff Beta’s 3rd favorite). Besides for that, it does little to truly advance the story in the grander scheme of things. Wedge and even Hobby are nice additions as possible future background characters, but I am moreso looking forward to heading to Tattooine and seeing where Maul’s quest for revenge takes us.

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The action sequences that feature the Tie Fighters are cinematically pleasing. It’s kind of ironic seeing Wedge pilot from the inside of a Tie Fighter, only two years before he takes part in the heroic run on the first Death Star inside an X-Wing. Hobby is a nice touch too, that more hardcore fans will appreciate.

The thing I appreciate most about this episode is Agent Kallus’ payback to Zeb, a nod to an earlier episode in which the two were stranded on a planet together. It’s very un-Imperial like, but it gives the sense that there is a bit of humanity in some of these characters and thus adds depth to the Empire and it’s sometimes internal struggles.

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Light on the plot, yet a good back story, The Antilles Extraction is not one of my favorite episodes.


+ Wedge Antilles back story.

+ Agent Kallus & Zeb.

+ Tie Fighters look and sound authentic!

– Does little to progress the Rebels’ plot.


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