We Got A Sneak Peek At Doctor Strange – Here’s What We Thought

Tonight, I was able to attend a preview of scenes from the next film in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Doctor Strange.  This movie has a stellar cast and a unique perspective to offer in the ever expanding MCU. Still, the question with any of the upcoming comic book based films is “how do they stay fresh?”

Doctor Strange is the arrogant pre-heroic main character we have seen before in the comics. It also has the origin story that characters unfamiliar to the public require. None of this turns me off to the movie, it just isn’t what will necessarily make it stand out.

Once we get to what the screening intended to highlight, all doubts vanish. The visuals for the film are incredible and surreal. The imagery is haunting, confusing, disorienting, intriguing and beautiful all at once. The audience is introduced to the concepts of the mystical realm and the multiverse through the education of Benedict Cumberbatch’s leading man. As he physically and spiritually tumbles through the realms, we see the infinite shifting of reality around him. It is easy to feel as off balance as Strange must.

The introductions to characters like Wong (Benedict Wong) and Christine Palmer (Rachel McAddams) are welcome, as we’ve seen little publicity for them up until this preview. It was nice to get an idea of how the rest of the cast’s relationship with Steven Strange functions.  There were also nods to the greater universe, which is fun for longtime fans.

It is Director Scott Derrickson’s ability to create something I have never seen on film, and that will be the talk of the town. What Derrickson has accomplished here is nothing short of extraordinary. He has brought to life imagery that invokes thoughts of HP Lovecraft, Salvador Dali, and Max Ernst all at once.

In short, we are extremely excited for Doctor Strange!


Nick Ramirez recommends reading up on Eldrich Abominations and Surrealist before watching Doctor Strange on November 4th.  You can follow him @dare_to_geek on twitter.

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