Gotham: Look Into My Eyes Review

Gotham’s newest arch is thrilling, engaging, and has a hook that might just bring fans back.



Gotham’s seasonal arch entitled “Mad City” is beginning to take root (no pun intended, Ivy) as we meet a new villain and another escapee from the craziness that was Indian Hill.

Jervis Tetch (Benedict Samuel) aka “The Mad Hatter” finds his way to Gotham, with his gateway being Barbara’s main attraction down at the club. Tetch is perfectly cast, as Gotham’s characters generally have been. Samuel brings to the table something I wanted but never got from Disney’s two live action Alice In Wonderland movies in Johnny Depp – a dark side. And if there’s one thing you can count on in Gotham, it’s darkness. Tetch’s quest is to find Alice, his “sister.”

Gotham Season 2: Rise of the Villains/Wrath of the Villains

Naian Gonzalez Norvind plays Alice and is another casting win for Fox. She brings to the table grit, vulnerability, confidence, and an authentic human feel that makes you root for her. She will likely be the main reason Tetch sticks around as the current highlighted villain. I am very interested to see where the story goes from here.

Jim Gordon is doing what he does best (at the moment, at least) and continues his bounty hunting. There’s a lot that goes on emotionally for Jim in this episode, particularly centering Lee’s return. This is a side plot that could fizzle, but my gut tells me this will be a thing all the way until at least the season’s mid-point. Lee’s fiance, Mario, has a surprising revelation that will likely spell doom for either herself or Jim. We also see the return of a character that I long enjoyed during the show’s early run.

Gotham’s Original Season

Penguin is again the show’s anchor, the one constant that keeps the show grounded. This time, he is running for Mayor of Gotham. Perhaps it’s a slight nod to the USA’s real-world presidential circus/race (maybe it’s a good time for Jerome to make his return, eh?), but Ozzie would have my vote. Anything Penguin does is entertaining, as Robin Lord Taylor is one of the show’s breakout actors.

Bruce Wayne has now harbored his clone from Indian Hill. As I stated in the season premiere’s review, there would obviously be some bait-and-switch situations that would spell trouble for the real Bruce. I’m not sure what to make of this plot, but I’ll watch with interest. One thing that the Grumpy Geek & I discussed is our love for Bruce and Selena’s relationship. Hopefully, David Mazous and Camren Bicondova get to reprise their respective roles for years to come.

In closing, does anyone else get that unfortunate vibe that Jim and Barbara are going to find their way back towards one another? I could never justify the two getting back together after Barbara’s psychotic episode, but my prediction is this: Tetch will “cure” her of whatever madness is still rooted in her, thus bridging the gap between a partially sane Barbara and a rogue Jim. Only time will tell.



Gotham is finding its way again. Thankfully, the show is building momentum across multiple storylines.

Gotham airs on Monday at 8:00 ET on Fox.

+ Penguin for Mayor

+ Jervis Tetch & Alice castings make for yet another pair of solid characters

+ No Fish Mooney

+ Subplot with Lee and Mario

– Bruce clone

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