CBS Delays Star Trek Discovery

In what should come as no surprise to anyone, CBS sent Star Trek back to space dock until May of 2017, citing the need to get it right. Um…….yeah. I guess on that we agree. They need to get it right.

 I have been no real fan of this project since the very beginning. The idea that I’ll have to pay $5.99 per month to watch Star Trek has me even grumpier than usual. (I read somewhere that for $9.99 a month I can get it ad free….. imagine how that went, huh?  $5.99 a month and I have to watch ads too????)

The Grumpy Geek: Star Trek Discovery

This project is, no doubt, a big deal for CBS. We haven’t had a Trek series since Enterprise stopped flying in 2005. They are changing the model by not using the captain as the main character, and they are running strictly on a pay service, and not one of the pay services we already have. This thing could be a big win for CBS, or an epic failure, that causes series Trek to be relegated to the Delta Quadrant for another decade or so.

The series was originally slated for release in January, but the new delay has it launching in May of 2017. I guess, when you are dealing with something as iconic as Star Trek, you should get it right, or it least try.

Just add this to the recent list of disappointments coming from team Star Trek over the past month.

What are your thoughts? Leave the grumpster a comment below.

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