Grumpy’s New Fall TV Shows Preview

What the hell? TV Guide lists 43 new TV shows for the 2016-17 season. Forty freaking three. I didn’t think there was room for 43 time slots, much less room for 43 NEW shows.

I’ve had a look at the list, and I won’t go into the 23 shows that don’t premiere until the midseason mark, but here are some of my thoughts on 10 of the 20 new shows that will premiere in the Fall. Looking at the list, it’s kind of like preseason football. Most of the players will never play an actual NFL game. A lot of these actors are probably already looking for their next gig – I’m looking at you Matt LeBlanc.

In alphabetical order: (The title links take you to the show’s IMDB page)

Bull – Tuesday nights on CBS.
This is what Michael Weatherly gave up NCIS for. Sadly, the character is…well….Tony DiNozzo. After watching the trailer at the end of last season, I don’t have much hope for this one. Luckily, they didn’t kill DiNozzo off.

Designated Survivor – Wednesdays on ABC
Kiefer Sutherland plays the HUD Secretary on the President’s cabinet, who’s turn it is to stay away from an event where the President, VP, and all of the other members of the cabinet are. He is the designated survivor who, of course, becomes President to set this show rolling. I’m having a tough time imagining this story being interesting enough to be sustainable. I’m also having trouble imagining a Kieferless 24 being sustainable, and that premieres in at midseason on FOX, so we’ll talk more about it later.

The Exorist – Fridays on FOX
I won’t be watching this. Scary shizzle makes me grumpy. It’s one of the MANY remakes this season. I’ve already shared my thoughts on the piles of remakes this year. It was a great movie, in its day. If I saw it again, I would probably need to go get some of these.

The Grumpy Geek #8 – Reboot Fever

Frequency – Wednesdays on TheCW
Remake number 2 on this list. Peyton List plays a detective who finds that she can talk to dear old, dad, who died in 1996, over his old ham radio. The original was a 2000 film starring Dennis Quaid and Jim Caviezel. It was a pretty good movie as I recall. I have sustainability questions about this one too.

Lethal Weapon – Fridays on FOX
Um… Not sure even Damon Wayons, Sr. can save this remake. Come on. Does anyone really think you can replace Danny Glover and Mel Gibson as Murtaugh and Riggs? I think I’ll watch the original tonight because it is just that good….with Glover and Gibson, who are not amused.

MacGyver – Fridays on CBS
Doesn’t bode well that CBS is already dropping Mac on Friday nights, which is not exactly a wild TV night. I almost wish this was a “pass the torch” movie instead of a full-blown reboot. I’m picturing Richard Dean Anderson passing the Swiss Army knife to his nephew, or better yet, his niece. Hollywood should call me more for great ideas like that. This is one of the shows I am looking forward to, by the way. I LOVED the original, mullet and all. The original had Pete Thorton as Mac’s bestie. In this version there is no Pete to be seen, but there is a Patricia Thorton.

The Unofficial MacGyver Handbook – Full of Mac’s Tricks.

Man With A Plan – Mondays on CBS
Matt LeBlanc of Friends fame, had his agent look for the worst premise possible for his next bash at schlocky sitcom. His agent did it. LeBlanc plays a contractor that becomes a  stay at home dad to find out his kids are awful. This one gets a rock solid meh.

Notorious – Thursdays on ABC
I’m on the fence on this one. It examines the relationship between the law and the 24 hour news cycle through a news producer, played by Piper Perabo and a defense attorney, played by Daniel Sunjata, who both work together to manipulate the news. Not gonna lie, I loved those USA Network shows like White Collar, Royal Pains, Necessary Roughness, and Fairly Legal. I also loved Covert Affairs, which starred Perabo and Graceland with Sunjata. So, I’m looking forward to seeing what these two have here.

This Is Us – Tuesdays on NBC
This one is interesting in its contrivance. It is an ensemble cast, including Mandy Moore and Milo Ventimiglia, which is about a bunch of people who share the same birthday, and whose lives cross in a host of ways. It’s listed as a dramedy. I’ll probably give it a shot. The trailer did its job, and set the hook.

Timeless – Mondays on NBC
One of three time travel shows this year. (Making History and Time After Time both premiere midseason). I kind of like the premise. A trio of good peeps that include Abigail Spencer, Matt Lanter, and Malcolm Barrett, track a criminal through time, as he stole a time machine and is going to mess with the timeline. Jerk. It sounds good. I have high hopes.

The three I am most looking forward to are (in order of my excitement) Timeless, Notorious and MacGyver. I apparently have a thing for single word titles.

You can count on a post from me, in the near future, about the returning shows that I have on my mind.

As I said at the top, there are 23 more new shows that premiere midseason. I’ll offer my thoughts on that as we get closer. There are 10 more shows launching in the fall, I just couldn’t get excited enough about any of them to comment.

What do think about the fall season? Leave me a comment below. I’d love to tell you that you are wrong. Just kidding, but I would love to hear your thoughts, maybe even on the shows I ignored. Which new show are you most looking forward to?

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