Geekly Humpday: Our 5 Favorite Video Game Franchises of All time

Sam & Jo like lists and this week’s Geekly Humpday is no different! As debated as last week’s topic was, this week is sure to be as divisive. Here are our favorite video game franchises of all time. In order for the series to qualify, there must be at least two games in the franchise.


1.Batman Arkhambat arkham

In what should come as a surprise to absolutely no one, Arkham tops my list. The only thing that’s less of a secret is that Bruce Wayne’s parents died outside of a theater. Rocksteady’s brilliant trilogy along with WB Montreal’s Arkham Origins make for some of my favorite moments in gaming.

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2.Rock Band

rock band

There is no greater party game. Ever. The feeling of simulating performing in a band on stage alongside at least 3 friends is truly remarkable.

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3.Mass Effect

mass effect 1

The Mass Effect trilogy is one of gaming’s greatest, earning its place among sci-fi gaming royalty. If you like Star Wars or Star Trek, you owe it to yourself to play this beloved series.

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halo mc

The series that put Xbox on the map. Legendary multiplayer, a heroic story, and the game that could bring back LAN parties one day. Now, finish this fight.

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nhl 17 eichel

I’m a hockey obsessor, to put it lightly. The series has definitely had its ups & downs, but EA Sports’ annual NHL series is my kickoff to the Fall gaming season. Jack Eichel is looking pretty good in that trailer for NHL 17. Challenge me on Xbox Live via josiahislegend.

NHL 17 Details & Features

Sam’s TOP 5

1.The Legend of Zelda

Image result for legend of zelda

Ocarina of Time was the first video game that captured my imagination and ultimately started my love for Video Games. Since then the Zelda series has captured the imaginations of fans everywhere and hasn’t been afraid to reinvent themselves.

Ocarina of Time in 3D

2.Kingdom Hearts

lImage result for kingdom hearts

I remember seeing the commercial for this game, while I was watching Cartoon Network and I almost lost it. It put together everything I loved; Disney and Final Fantasy. The graphics for this game at that time were absolutely beautiful and to this day keep me mesmerized. Since then, they’ve come out with games over multiple platforms and the game still hasn’t come to a conclusion, but hopefully that day will come soon.

Kingdom Hearts in High-Def

3. Final Fantasy

Image result for Final Fantasy

You shouldn’t be surprised – playing the Final Fantasy games was a huge part of my childhood and with the most recent remakes and new additions, it keeps the series relevant while introducing the old games to a newer generation.

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4.Tales of Series

Image result for Tales of

The first JRPG I played that I put in over 80 hrs – the captivating story-telling, creative battle systems and 4-player mode has kept me invested in this series. Just like Final Fantasy, every “Tales of” game has different characters and a different story.

5. Dragon Age

Image result for Dragon Age

The character customization, the lore, and the choice-based story telling are what made Dragon Age one of my favorite series. It really makes you feel like you’re the hero.

The best way to play Dragon Age: Inquisition

What are your top 5 favorite series of all time? We’d like to know! Leave yours in the comment section. Do you agree with our choices?

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