Affleck Tweets Deathstroke Footage

It ain’t much, but it is revealing a cool, bad-ass costume for one of DC’s toughest baddies.

A couple of hours ago (Monday 8/29), Ben Affleck tweeted out some footage of Deathstroke. We don’t know if it is for Zack Snyder’s Justice League or Ben’s solo Batman film.

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Did  you know that Deathstroke was originally named The Terminator? Me neither. Thanks to Matt Singer over at ScreenCrush for that bit of triv.  You can also see the footage over there.

I have to admit, I became a Deathstroke fan with Manu Bennett’s portrayal on Season 2 of Arrow. No one does bad ass better than Manu Bennett.

Want to learn more about Deathstroke? Lots of great books here.

What do you think of the costume? Leave us a comment below.

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