Geekly Humpday: Our Top 7 TV Shows of All Time

We got to thinking: We don’t just watch movies and play video games all day, we also dabble in some lovely binge watching of our favorite TV shows. Here are some of ours:

Jo’s List:


How can a show about nothing be the greatest show of all time? It just is.

The Office:

There’s no surprise here, as Jo constantly compares himself to Michael Scott.

Boy Meets World:

One of the best 90’s TV shows of all time. Jo is an ordained minister and recently quoted George Feeny in a wedding ceremony.

Big Bang Theory

There are so many relateable aspects of The Big Bang Theory to so many people. It’s not for everyone, but still worth watching at least a few times.

That 70’s show

Jackie! It was on fi-yure!

Bob’s Burgers

The family who works together stays together (just like The Geekiverse!).

Star Wars: The Clone Wars:

The Clone Wars hit its stride after a few seasons and was so well done that it was one of the 2 non-movie visual properties to make it into the new Star Wars canon.

Sam’s List:

Game of Thrones:

You can’t be surprised, of course It would be her top seven.

Parks and Rec

Making local government so much fun.

The Office:

Yep, it’s on here twice because yes, it’s that good.

Rick and Morty:

A genius alcoholic scientist and an idiot grandson have a portal gun and go on crazy adventures.

Steven Universe:

A kid’s show with a surprising amount of heart.

South Park:

So topical sometimes it hurts.


One of the best depictions of Arthur Conan Doyle’s super sleuth


What are some of your favorite TV shows of all time? We’d like to know! Leave us a comment in the comment section below and stayed tuned for more things geek!


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13 thoughts on “Geekly Humpday: Our Top 7 TV Shows of All Time”

  1. Good grief. You are both so young. Grumpy’s list:
    The West Wing
    I Love Lucy
    Star Trek: Original Series
    The X Files
    Saturday Night Live

  2. I think this is pretty accurate for me
    1. The Legend of Korra
    2. Jackass
    3. Whose Line is it Anyway?
    4. Home Improvement
    5. Gravity Falls
    6. Attack on Titan
    7. Most Extreme Elimination Challenge

  3. This took a lot of thought. Here it goes:
    1) Scrubs
    2) Parks and Recreation
    3) Dragonball Z
    4) LOST
    5) Always Sunny in Philadelphia
    6) Battlestar Galactica (2004-2009)
    7) Metalocalypse/Venture Brothers

  4. Pete, are those in like some sort of vault of the 30s best original shows?

    Seinfeld getting love! Home Improvement is a GREAT choice too.

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