The 10 Monsters We’re Most Excited to Fight in Monster Hunter Generations

Monster Hunter fans in the West no longer have to feel like we’re missing out; Monster Hunter Generations finally hits US store shelves later this week! This new entry promises a host of additions to the addicting hunting formula, most noteworthy of all, those nifty Hunting Arts that let us bound over monsters or strike back with special attacks like we’re Dragon Ball Z characters.

But the real stars of any Monster Hunter game are the beasts themselves, and Generations is bringing one of the biggest and best rosters to date. To get ready for the game’s July 15th release date, we’re counting down the 10 monsters we’re most excited to take on in Generations. Some are variants of past monsters, others are brand new, and all are ready to tear us to shreds.


crystalbeard uragaan


 10. Crystalbeard Uragaan

It seems like Uragaan is finally getting the Deviant that changes up the beast in plenty of meaningful ways that Steel Uragaan didn’t. With several new attacks and new abilities to familiar attacks, Crystalbeard Uragaan will give us a fresh fight with one of the Third Generation’s most unique monsters. The name and design alone add so much character—it makes perfect sense that the Brute Wyvern would come across all manner of fancy minerals and jewels as it burrows through the earth.



 9. Gammoth

The first of the Fated Four to appear on this list is also the first elephant-inspired monster to appear in the series. Gammoth is easily the largest Fanged Beast to date; for reference, the largest Gammoths that you can encounter can be twice the size of the average Rajaang. You’re going to need a lot more than just stone-tipped spears to hunt this mammoth (!) monster, especially when it sprays a sheer blizzard out of its long trunk.


dreadking rathalos

 8. Dreadking Rathalos

Azure and Silver Rathalos are both great-looking Deviants, but they didn’t bring dramatic changes to the fight with the original flagship monster of the series. Dreadking Rathalos brings the heat with a collection of new attacks that set the whole battlefield ablaze. Its fireballs would get Gamera’s nod of approval. Even if you avoid taking a direct hit from one, you’re not necessarily in the clear; you’re going to have to make a beeline just to get out of their blast radius.



7. Mizutsune

Not all monsters have to be ugly or hideous brutes, as proven emphatically by this stunning member of the Fated Four. In one of the debut trailers for the game, Mizutsune is seen going toe-to-toe with a Zingore, also proving that it can be gorgeous and deadly at the same time. Mizutsune litters the battlefield with giant bubbles that slows down its foes, which is sure to cause all kinds of headaches for hunters as they take on the monster that can race across all forms of terrain like quicksilver.



 6. Astalos

There’s going to be a new contender for the king of the skies once Astalos makes his debut. Its appearance is positively wicked, complete with an arsenal of spikes, protrusions, and all other kinds of fearsome edges across its body. All of those features can then become conduits for its innate electricity, which it can hurl at a hunter from any part of the body. That means whether you’re striking at Astalos’s flanks, rear, or head-on, you’re going to have to be wary of the merciless blasts that it can send your way.



 5. Nakarkos

In the long line of enormous, terrifying Elder Dragons comes this living nightmare. Nakarkos are basically giant cephalopods that coat themselves in bony armor, complete with skulls over their tentacles that make you think you’re actually fighting multiple monsters. The grotesque Elder Dragons can deliver just about every ailment in the book to the hunters that dare do battle with it, as its list of abilities and attacks seems to be longer than this Top 10 list. We might be looking at a bigger, badder Alatreon. We’ll let that sink in for a while.



4. Amatsu

Although not a brand new monster, Amatsu is finally making his debut in the West with the release of Generations. Aptly-nicknamed “The Storm Dragon”, this breathtaking behemoth is a harbinger of wild weather and even wilder attacks. It can generate sheer tornadoes on a whim, and its water beams put Blastoise’s Hydro Pump to shame. You won’t be able to fight Amatsu until you reach a lofty 70 Hunter Rank, but being able to contend with this awe-inspiring Elder Dragon is a worthy reward after putting that many hours into the game.



 3. Malfestio

For all of the Bird Wyverns that we’ve seen in Monster Hunter, we really haven’t seen too many that are actual birds. This owl-inspired creature has a great design that’s both dignified and daunting; that stare alone can cut a hole through you. Living up to its real-world inspiration, Malfestio is a crafty and clever monster that will subdue you with different tricks like afflicting hunters with confusion, as well as putting them to sleep. Once that happens, it puts those nasty talons to work.


thunderlord zinogre

 2. Thunderlord Zinogre

Zingore was already a walking Super Saiyan, so we can probably call this new form its Super Saiyan 2  transformation. And that’s before it gets fully charged, which basically means it can go Super Saiyan 3 on us, as well. In addition to a new and fearsome appearance, Thunderlord Zinogre legitimizes its title by being able to toss out waves of devastating electricity with a simple flick of its paw. If it moves, get ready to have a thunderbolt thrown directly in your face.


 1. Glavenus

The “Cutting Wyvern” rightfully earns top billing by being one of the coolest and fiercest monsters to come out of the franchise in years. On one end, you’ve got a devilish face that resembles a Carnotaurus straight out of hell and can shoot fireballs at you. On the other end is a sword for a tail that can becoming a searing, explosion-inducing weapon when Glavenus sharpens the appendage in its danged mouth. That’s just the normal Glavenus, too—the savage Brute Wyvern has a Deviant called the Hellblade Glavenus, whose name is more than enough to tell us that it’s one bad, bad beast.


Agree with our list? Got another monster that you think should have found its way into the Top 10? Let us know in the comments, and happy hunting come July 15th!

Jeff Pawlak (@JeffreyPavs) is The Geekiverse’s Nintendo Expert, and he’s been thrilled to see the Monster Hunter franchise become a mainstay on Nintendo platforms over the last seven years. He’ll be diving straight into Monster Hunter Generations this weekend using the name “El Jefe”, so feel free to add him online, and keep on the lookout for his review of the game in the coming weeks.

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