Geekly Humpday: 7 Ways Guardians of The Galaxy 2 Can Improve On The Original

So if you’re like most of us, you probably love Guardians of the Galaxy and honestly, what’s not to love? The casting, the music, the story? All of it is top notch, so Jo and I got to thinking –  how can Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 top that? If you ask us, they have some pretty big shoes to fill.

Welcome to the Geekly Humpday, mine & Josiah’s weekly segment to bring you what’s on our minds and a little something to help get you through the Wednesday work day. Here’s what we were brainstorming:

1.More Chris Pratt. Obviously you can’t have a Guardians movie without the amazing acting of Chris Pratt, being… well… Chris Pratt. Or the others for that matter. We are curious with the new additions to the cast if it will take the light away from previous characters.

2. Have an equally awesome Awesome Mix, Volume 2. You also can’t have a Guardians movie without a Kick-Ass soundtrack and we can’t wait to hear more tracks from Awesome Volume  2. Which classics will we hear in the sequel? Something tells us we’ll get another 10-15 amazing classic rock and pop tracks that only serve to make the movie better. You can get Awesome Mix Volume 1 here. Did you know it also comes in vinyl? Yes, please.

3. Bring us closer to the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s climax. Guardians seems to be the driving force behind moving the MCU closer to its ultimate resolution, so we are counting on seeing more Thanos. Finally. What makes him so terrifying? Lets see.

4. More big name cameos. Not only is Marvel bigger than ever in its own right, but GOTG is one of the crown jewels of the franchise. Hollywood must be chompin’ at the bit to get their taste of geek fame. Kurt Russell is showing up, among a few others rumored to be involved. We can’t wait to see what familiar faces pop up.

5. An Avengers crossover to set us up for Infinity Wars. GOTG 2 is sure to be a primer for the highly anticipated Infinity Wars movies. How epic would it be to see Star Lord team up with Cap or Thor? With the crossover that is coming with Iron Man in next year’s Spider-man: Homecoming, this would only serve to make things even cooler for geeks everywhere.

6. We want to meet Star Lord’s father. Again with Kurt Russell – how amazing would that be? What a perfect casting. We know very little about Star Lord’s past. Exploring that would add depth to a character we already love.

7. More Drax One-liners. Drax became one of the runaway stars of GOTG with his timely one liners that either broke the tension or caught us off guard. GOTG 2 is (hopefully) sure to bring us more of Danny Bautista’s charm and humor.

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