Pokémon Go: A Quick Look

So July 6th came and Pokémon Fans rejoiced! The much anticipated Pokémon GO came out for Android and Iphone users for FREE. It was bogged with problems from the get go with the infamous servers are down screen but when players were allowed on people took to the streets in flocks!

When you start the game you have to create a trainer customizing looks and gear and I’m hoping with new updates you’ll be able to get more. After customizing you have to pick a name than after that, you’re ready to start your adventure. The game uses the GPS on your phone to track your location and movements. Right in your living room you get a choice of Three Pokémon : Bulbasaur, Charmander, or Squirtle. I didn’t know this, so I caught the first thing I saw and it was a Bulbasaur. I did hear rumors that you are able to get a Pikachu as a starter as well. My Fiance and I took to our street immediately and It was amazing to see an aerial view of it. On the bottom right of the screen it will tell you the available Pokémon nearby and near them you’ll see ‘footprints’. Three footprints means far away, one foot print means very close.

Sam Character

Walking, I encountered a Caterpie. Tapping on it brings it to the capture screen where you have to fling Poké Balls to capture the pocket monster. You have to hit it straight on, if you fling too hard or too soft you’ll miss and waste valuable Poké Balls. Touching the Caterpie will tell you the CP or Combat Points of it, the higher the CP the stronger it is. Now of course you will see the same Pokémon as you walk, the object is to get to different areas where different Pokémon will be lurking just like in the regular Pokémon game.

Now you’re probably wondering how do I level my Pokémon up? Good question. You can level up your Pokémon by using two items: Candies and Stardust, both of which you can obtain by transferring weaker Pokémon to the Professor. Each Pokémon will have a certain candy/stardust cost that you have pay in order for them to level up. Each Pokemon only gives a candy of it’s own specific kind though, so for example, you’ll get Zubat candy when you transfer a Zubat, and Pidgey candy when you transfer a Pidgey, etc. Now if you’re running out of Poké Balls, no fear! There are places called Pokestops which are areas on  your phone that look like floating blue boxes. If you tap them, they tell you what and where it is. Some can be churches, schools, restaurants, even train stations; however if you live out in the middle of nowhere, sadly you probably won’t come across too many. When you come close to the Pokestop you have to pull it down and it will release Poké Balls and other items like Eggs.

Sam Vulpix

Eggs are hidden Pokémon that you have to incubate. How is this done? Simple! You keep walking! Each egg will tell you in Kilometers how much you have to walk in order for the egg to hatch. The first one I did was 5 kilometers which may sound a lot but honestly once you start exploring its hardly noticeable.

You also gain levels in the game by catching Pokemon. At level 5 you’re able to battle at gyms. When you start at a Gym you have to pick a team: Team Instinct, Team Mystic and Team Valor and each team has its own perks. Leveling gives you more Poké Balls and higher CP Pokemon available to catch. Gyms are places where you can put your best Pokemon against other people’s Pokemon and they are located almost everywhere.

There are some features that I feel are missing, mostly battling any trainer you come across and I’m curious if they’re going to patch it in later much like adding more Pokemon. There are rumors that with the next update that they will be introducing is Pokemon Trading and the developers have stated that the players will be shaping the future of this game, so let’s keep hoping!

I would like to take this time to offer some advice. Before throwing caution into the wind and trying to Catch em all. I want to remind you that safety always comes first.  Use the buddy system. Do not take long walks at night by yourself or in an unknown area. Second, do not Pokemon  Go and Drive, just don’t. And throwing your cautions lights on and stopping traffic to catch a Kadabra is not worth it, and if you do it your an poo head.  Third, think before you go. If it’s an area you shouldn’t be trespassing on, don’t. Pokemon is one of the kindest most giving communities so lets keep it that way. Let’s be kind, courteous and respectful to everyone, Pokemon Fan or not.

If your a new fan to the Pokemon series or a returning fan. Pokemon Go is worth checking out. Let me know in the comments below what you think about  Pokemon Go. Do you love it? What do you wanna see added or changed, I’m curious to know!


Sam Sarvis is a member of Team Instinct but her heart lies with Team Mystic.

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