Five things you will experience before level 5 in Pokemon Go

A Beginners Guide to Pokemon Go

1. Choosing a Nickname

When you open the game for the first time, or if you are signed out, you will be prompted to sign up for an account using either a Gmail account or a Pokemon Trainer Club. After you set up your account you can use the same credentials to login back in to the account. When you have completed that you will be greeted by Professor Willow who will give you the standard Pokemon greeting and will ask you your name.  Be aware that this name will be your displayed name in game and does get used frequently. So pick a good one! The nicknames are similar to emails or usernames, in that yours has to be unique to you. The nickname pool is growing smaller and smaller so most likely you will need to add some numbers after your name.

Beware of Gyrados or Trees or Oncoming Traffic

2.  Choosing a Look and a Starter

After choosing a nickname the game lets you choose how your character looks like in game, so enjoy the customization! If you thought choosing some clothing was difficult decision however then you are not ready for the challenge ahead, choosing a starter Pokemon. Pokemon Go primarily features Generation 1 Pokemon so your choices out of the gate are Squirtle, Charmander, and Bulbasuar. Tip: Those are not all the choices, however Pikachu is also available as a starter. To get it just walk away from the first group of starters, they will keep reappearing and eventually Pikachu will show up as a catchable Pokemon! Once you have your starter, you are good to go! Have fun exploring, but keep an eye out for your surroundings.

3. The App Will Crash, most likely while catching a Pokemon

The game will prompt you to visit a nearby Pokestop next, which will be covered later on, because most eager trainers will go on the hunt for their first wild Pokemon. Due to the large amount of people playing online the servers that host the game have been stressed, which has caused the game to freeze or quit out unexpectedly. You will more than likely run into this issue and will be forced to leave the game and be greeted by this cute, though increasingly frustrating image.

server down
No! I am frustrated, don’t use cute Pokemon against me. Super Effective.

The servers have been down intermittedly from time to time and normally are back up again in a few hours. As the game goes on these crashes should happen less frequently.

4. You Will See a Gym, but it will Not Let You in

The Gym and battle systems is locked to your character if you are below level five, so all you can do is bask in its glory until you hit that level. The best way to level is to capture as many Pokemon as you can. Tip: If you start getting good at capturing Pokemon, try throwing curve balls at them to increase your experience you get from catching them. You can do this by spinning the Pokeball before throwing it.

5. See Things in 5 Mile Radius You Never Knew Were There

Look at that pretty fountain… Ohh a Caterpie!

The best part of Pokemon Go is the subtle way it entices you to get up and get moving. You are guided to landmarks around your area because of the Pokestops located there. Pokestops are an in-game geotag that will give you much needed items, like Pokeballs, or revive for more advanced players. By moving from place to place you not only get a slight workout, or wake up call, but get to see some cool sights in your neighborhood.

After you hit level 5 the game opens up to become a turf war style game in real time, where you try to claim gyms for your team using your strongest Pokemon. Before players attempt this, they should work on first collecting, and then evolving and strengthening the Pokemon they have in their party. Look for more on this at the Geekiverse soon! Happy capturing, enjoy the outdoors, and keep your eyes up!


Sing Along With Me!

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