8 Things to Tide You Over Until Season 7 of Game of Thrones

Now that our collective watching of season six has ended, there is a very large pointy-iron-throne-and-dragon-shaped hole in our hearts. There is nothing that will bring the next season any faster but here are some things that you can do to fill the time! The world of Thrones merchandise is almost as extensive as its lore. Only twelve months, roughly, until we are back in Westeros! We can do this.

1. Re-watch all the Previous Seasons

Click on the image to get the seasons, and help out the Geekiverse

Time for some math, folks. So there are 60 hours of the HBO show (6 seasons x 10 episodes a piece x ~1 hour a piece), which means that if you watch 5 episodes a month you will be all ready for season 7 premiere. If you are looking for more from George RR Martins fantasy world, read on! You can get the DVDs here.

2. Play Game of Thrones Board Game

Click on the image to get the game, and help out the Geekiverse

Have your own Battle of the Bastards, storm Kings Landing, or have the Martells rule the North. There is no limit to the possibilities when you play a Game of Thrones. This game is a perfect excuse to get your viewing party back together, and this time you will tell the story. Fair warning though these games can last much longer than one episode of the game. Get your game here.

3.  Play Telltale Game of Thrones

Click on the image to get the season pass, and help out the Geekiverse

Still want that episodic HBO vibe, but want to play in the world of Westeros, and Essos for that matter, then Telltale’s Game of Thrones is a perfect fit. These adventure games are perfect for gamers of any skill level, and since it is available on almost every modern gaming platform, it is very accessible. These games are a favorite in the Geekiverse, take a look at our Season 1 review here.

4. Read A Song of Ice and Fire (So Far)

Click on the image to get the books, and help out the Geekiverse

Yes, I know this is obvious choice. Many of the fans of the show have yet to read the books. It is no small task and should not be taken on lightly. With an average page count of 800, these 5 books are a little more then light summer reading. Good thing you have 12 months! The books come in a nice boxed set.

5. Read The Hedge Knight (Comic)

Click on the image to get the comic, and help out the Geekiverse

Just read this. It is not very long and it is basically A Knight’s Tale style prequel to the events of the show. Learn about the tourney at Lannisport, the reign of the Mad King, and the beginnings of Robert’s Rebellion. The Hedge Knight is available as a novel, but the comic is worth the read.

6. Color a Game of Thrones Coloring Book

Click on the image to get the coloring book, and help out the Geekiverse

In the age of adult coloring books, Thrones is King. Give Cersei a mustache, and recolor the  Red Wedding (maybe a nice blue? Puce?) The official Game of Thrones coloring book as available on Amazon.

7. Make your House Sigil and Come Up With Your House Words

Click on the image to find out what your house is

HBO has taken control of the Make Your Own House Banner shops on Etsy and made an official site to make you own Sigil and Words today! Click here to get started!!

8. Celebrate Your Name Day (or Half-Name Day)

These parents are doing it right!

What a better way to celebrate your birthday then a good ‘ol fashion feast! Make sure you pour your own wine though. This party can include any of the previous selection as well or anything else GoT related! Make sure you invite the viewing party!

What do you think? Is there anything we missed? Sound off in the comments, and follow the Geekiverse for all things Thrones. Keep an ear out for our Game of Thrones podcast!

Jeff “Beta” Dugan is the Geekiverse  Game of Thrones Lore-Apprentice, First of his name, not-so-patiently waiting for more Thrones.  You can find him on twitter @JeffD_Beta

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