Steam Summer Sale Deals, 7/1

Happy July, Geeks!  As most of us get ready for the holiday weekend, lots not forget that we should take breaks from the hot, sweaty outside and get some gaming done in the nice, shady indoors!  That being said, here are my top five Steam Sale picks of the day!


Grand Theft Auto 5

I don’t really feel like I need to make much of a case for this one.  If you haven’t played GTA V yet, you NEED to pick this up on sale.  Besides the classic story, GTA Online is an extremely robust multiplayer experience–getting some buddies together to plan a heist or just pal around online can lead to some gaming memories that you’ll never forget.  Seriously, use this opportunity to grab one of the best games of the generation.

Original Price: $59.99                         Sale Price: $35.99



Endless Legend

Endless Legend is a fantasy-based 4X strategy game that will remind you a lot of the Civiliation series.  This game definitely sets itself apart with it’s epic fantasy world and very detailed systems.  Also, each of the eight civilizations you can choose from each have very unique play styles.  If you want a strategy game to spend a good chunk of time on, look no further!

Original Price: $29.99                         Sale Price: $10.19




Made by the same studio that developed the incredible Bastion, Transistor is an action RPG with a Sci-Fi flavor.  This has been a long-time favorite of mine for a number of reasons, including the intricate combat and the cool as hell painted art style, and now I get to add another reason: the price!  At $5, this game is a steal.

Original Price: $19.99                         Sale Price: $4.99



Borderlands Franchise

If you’ve yet to be introduced to Borderland’s trademark sense of humor and gun-crazy action, there’s never been a better time to give it a shot.  Step into the world of Pandora (or Pandora’s moon), where it’s all about the guns, the explosions, and the…Claptraps?  Mayhem has never been more fun than in Borderlands, and you get a LOT of game.  Plan to spend at least 50 hours getting through the story and sidequests of the original game alone, then add in the sequel and pre-sequel and you’ve met your crazy shooter quota for the next couple months.

Original Price: $19.99-$69.99            Sale Price: $4.99-$21.53



The Flame in the Flood

Continuing the run of “weird” game suggestions, I picked this game out almost immediately due to it’s interesting logo and art style.  After watching some gameplay footage, I had to include it.  In The Flame in the Flood, you make like a post-apocalyptic Huck Finn, traveling down a river, trying to scrounge up enough supplies to survive.  The environment and wildlife are out to get you though, and once you die, that’s it.  Game over.  Time to start again and hopefully make it further than you did previously.  Hey, as masochistic as it sounds, these rogue-like games are really addicting, and making progress is very rewarding.

Original Price: $19.99                         Sale Price: $13.99

With only three days left until it’s all over, how are you faring in this year’s Steam Summer Sale?  Have you been collecting the trading cards from your purchases?  If so, don’t forget to craft them into the exp-giving badge in your inventory!

I’ll be back on the last day of the sale, July 4th, to give you the definitive list of picks for the entire sale.  Have a great holiday weekend, and make sure to spend some quality time with your friends and family!  You know, in between gaming sessions of course!

Andrew is a writer/editor at The Geekiverse, and his wife found out about the Steam Sale before he did.  Has anybody seen his wallet?

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