Bro Geek Guide to Summer Gaming

For those who like doing curls for the girls with their controllers, and the free weights. Lifters can be geeky too.

I’ve always been the skinny ginger kid who plays video games, but is athletic enough to hang with the jocks. In college, I began lifting the weights despite my embarrassment, and it’s been gaming and gains ever since (I’m still tiny, we get it). So, what games should a jock plan on for this summer? Let’s get Geeky friends. Let’s get Geeky.

Madden NFL 2017

August 23rd


This is as much a slam dunk as the cover boy himself, Rob Gronkowski. If you game, AND life weights, you play Madden. It’s the ultimate bro trash talk game. We used to scream and yell in the college dorm rooms before an exam. Controllers were broken. Egos were bruised. Tournaments were made. Bro. It’s Madden.

NBA 2k17

Early Tip-Off Edition September 16th


Once again, trash talk city with this one. NBA games, especially with the new MyPark feature online is amazingly humorous. Crossovers. Breaking ankles. Posterizing someone with a two-handed windmill. Once you throw on that headset, you better get your PG mind out the window, because teens are yelling WWE Attitude Era smack at you. And if you don’t want that fun, you can always take your own dude from the park to the NBA.

NHL 17

September 15th

NHL 17

This one is a bit of an obvious one because of how much I love hockey. I even sucked it up and went to a Sabres game with Josiah. It was the worst experience of my life. That being said, chirping online while playing with novice skaters is so bro. Hitting that top cheddar while laying down face first in the ice is too much fun. There’s a dude on Youtube who made a channel out of it! Plus, it’s gonna be sweet seeing Stamkos in a Wings jersey. Just wait.

There you have it folks. Jocks and Geeks, come together under one banner of gaming this summer. Challenge one another. Talk smack. Insult one another. Shake hands afterwords and go your separate ways. One to the gym, and the other to the comic book store. It’s all part of the wonderful world that is the Geekiverse.

Brunner 1.0 is the best ginger in the Geekiverse, and dislikes anyone who tries to establish themselves as the Alpha Brunner.

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