Steam Summer Sale Deals, 6/28

Hey there Geeks!  Steam just set up some new featured deals, and I’m here to point you (and your money) in the right direction!  Here are today’s top five picks!


Tales of Zestiria

There isn’t always a huge amount of good RPGs available for PC gamers, but this trend looks to be reversing in a hurry.  Tales of Zestiria, the latest in the Tales series offers up plenty of old-school JRPG action, along with some new twists to the forumla, like having full movement during battles.  This is a whole lotta game at a relatively low cost.

Original Price: $49.99                         Sale Price: $19.99



RPG Maker VX Ace

Maybe you noticed there aren’t a lot of RPGs available for PC gamers, and maybe you’ve decided to take matters into your own hands?  Check out RPG Maker!  These games aren’t going to look amazing, but if you’ve got a game idea you’ve been kicking around, why not give it a go?  There have been some truly funny and amazing games made through RPG Maker, so don’t knock it until you’ve tried it!

Original Price: $69.99                         Sale Price: $9.79



Serious Sam Franchise

Then again, maybe you don’t feel like playing or making an RPG.  Who needs a story anyway.  Maybe you just wanna shoot stuff?  If that’s the case, now is a great time to pick up a Serious Sam game, as the entire franchise is on sale!  These games are all about pure chaos, mayhem, and gunplay, and they are just ridiculously priced right now.

Original Price: $4.99-$49.99                 Sale Price: $0.49-$9.99




Firewatch has been met with a lot of critical acclaim since its release.  This game is more about exploration as you unravel a mystery in the wilderness of Wyoming.  There’s not a whole lot more I can say about this without ruining it, but this is one of those recent games that is more about the experience than anything.  You feel immersed in the story, and that, my friends, is gaming magic.

Original Price: $19.99                         Sale Price: $13.39




Sometimes the similarities of games can be pretty astounding, especially when they’re released within a short time of each other.  Take Battleborn, for instance.  It released more than a month before Overwatch, but hasn’t been met with the same critical acclaim.  The two games are remarkably similar, though Battleborn has the trademark Gearbox humor and a little more of a story to go off of while you play.  If you want a break from Overwatch, or if you’re thinking of giving it a shot, but can’t justify spending the $60, maybe grab this so you can see what the hubbub is about.

Original Price: $59.99                         Sale Price: $29.99



That does it for today’s picks!  Admittedly, today’s Steam featured deals aren’t as good as the previous days’, but we’re just about at the midway point of the sale, so I’m looking forward to some awesome prices on the backend.  Remember, all of these prices are good until the sale ends, which is July 4th.  I’ll be back tomorrow with some more picks.  Until then, geek responsibly!

Andrews is a writer/editor at The Geekiverse.  Unfortunately, his wife found out about the Steam Sale before he did.  Has anybody seen his wallet?

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