Is It Time To Get A PS4?

So if you haven’t watched the Geekiverse’s coverage of E3, stop reading this, and go watch our plethora of videos. No. Really. Stop. Go watch. Then come back. Here. I can make it easier. Click here and go watch. This article will make a bit more sense if you do.

Okay. So E3 was pretty spectacular.  However, it’s tough for us at the Geekiverse to not acknowledge how magnificent Sony’s presentation was. Microsoft wasn’t bad. But they weren’t good either. And after Sony dropped bomb after bomb of amazing geek gaming, it brought up a big question for some of us. Gene and I mentioned to one another that we aren’t two system players, but we may have to be now. Let’s break it down.

Xbox has always had me since my love for Halo was born. However, I don’t much play Halo anymore. I actually just sold Halo 5 because I simply didn’t play it. I wanted to. I bought it with full intentions of getting into the game as much as I did with Halo 2 (got to a 47 for a period of time, no big deal). However, Halo isn’t what it used to be for me. So, what else does Microsoft has to offer that would make me stay?

Upcoming games for Xbox include: Crackdown 3, Dead Rising 4, Forza Horizon 3, Gears of War 4, Halo Wars 2, ReCore, Sea of Thieves among many others. Now, those are all solid games that would entertain anyone for quite some time. However, when you look at what PS4 is offering, it’s hard to not want, desire, and NEED and Playstation 4. God of War. Spider-man #PS4. Detroit: Become Human. Days Gone. Death Stranding. All were incredibly enticing, even though we didn’t get full gameplay for some of them! Not to mention, the VR trailer releases. Add that to the fact that all my sports games are on PS4 as is, including MLB: The Show, which is a Playstation exclusive.

Is it time? Help Brunner 1.0 decide if it’s time to drop that money he’s got way too much of (because he’s the money) on a new PS4.

Tweet him here and let him know. PS4. Xbox One. What to do. He makes money, nobody claimed he was smart.

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