Game of Thrones: No One Review

Hello Geeks! We only have two more episodes to go in this season of Game of Thrones and like the previous seasons the last two episodes are the most action packed. In this episode: The Hound gets revenge, Two allies are reunited, Tommen makes an announcement, Tyrion’s arrangement takes a turn for the worst, and Arya faces a new trial. Spoilers Ahead.

It was pretty sweet to see The Hound get revenge on the traitors from the group that called themselves the Brotherhood without Banners. As he searches for these murderers, he stumbles upon a lynching taking place, headed by Beric Dondarrion, and if you remember, Beric Dondarrion was tasked by Eddard Stark to bring The Hound to justice for his crimes against the people of the Riverlands back in Season One. In Season Three, Clegane was captured by the Brotherhood without Banners and was sentenced to a trial by combat. The Hound won and Beric was brought back to life, just like Melisandre did with Jon. Beric Dondarrion and his brothers tell The Hound yet again that they were brought back for a bigger purpose. They try to recruit him to help fight the imminent threat of the White-Walkers telling him that he’s a fighter, and he’ll always be a fighter, and that there’s still some good he could do in this world. Will the Brotherhood without Banners help in Sansa and Jon’s fight for Winterfell?!

In Meereen, the city is bouncing back rather nicely ever since Tyrion struck a deal with the Masters of Yunkai, Astapor and Volantis  But Varys gives him a warning that they are still not to be trusted. Varys is also leaving Meereen and heading west to gain new allies and get them ships. I think he’s going to be meeting up with the Greyjoys in Volantis which I feel like the writers were hinting about since the last episode. I’m curious about what Varys’ end game is, I know he said something about making the world good again several seasons ago, but honestly if Daenerys storms Westeros and takes back the Iron Throne, what is in it for him? Is his end game to take out Baelish? Meanwhile, Tyrion, Greyworm, and Missandei are drinking and telling jokes (which was a nice filler) when things take a turn for the worst. The Masters wage war on Meereen, coming to get what is theirs: the slaves. Tyrion realizes how defenseless they really are as flaming balls of rock are launched on them and when all looks grim, The Dragon Queen herself appears.

In King’s Landing Cersei has a small confrontation with Lancel and other members of the Faith Miliant because of her refusal to report to the High Sparrow. It’s crazy to see how alone Cersei really is. Her father is dead, her brother-lover is in the Riverlands, her only remaining child is wound around the High Sparrow’s finger and the only ones remaining loyal to her are Qyburn and The Zountain. Its Mountain but with a ‘Z’ because he’s a zombie. It’s bittersweet to see how far she’s fallen and it’s even made more apparent by the looks she gets when she makes her way into the Throne Room. In the Throne Room. Tommen announces that from this day forward they will no longer permit a trial by combat, saying that it is an old and barbaric tradition and not the Gods’ will. Which means that Cersei is screwed. She was counting on it, and now she will have to stand trial and try to find forgiveness from the Gods. I wonder if Tommen knows that he has just killed his own mother with his judgement.

At Riverrun, Brienne and Jaime are reunited for the first time in two seasons as well as Bronn and Podrick. This whole part of the episode was my absoulte favorite. I love the bantering between Bronn and Podrick, even when he talks about Pod’s “Magical cock.” Even teaching him his mercenary way of fighting. “Lesson number one assume everyone wants to hit you, Pod.” Brienne and Jaime’s reunion isn’t as fun and lighthearted. By there disagreements I can see that Brienne is upset with Jaime’s lack of honor. He is blindly following orders without wondering whether or not it’s the right thing to do and Brienne sees this. Jaime says that he will let her enter Riverrun under a flag of truce so that she can persuade the Blackfish to abandon Riverrun and march the Tully forces North to help Jon and Sansa take back Winterfell. Alas it doesn’t work! The Blackfish denies their request for aid and Jaime has to find another way in.

Jaime gives a passionate speech to Edmure about his undying love for his sister and he’ll do anything to get back to her even so much as launching Edmure’s baby boy at the castle. Edmure goes to Riverrun under the guise of a truce and betrays his kin, surrendering the castle to Lannister forces. The Blackfish is killed in the siege and Brienne and Podrick escape on the river. Jaime waves farewell to her and she returns the gesture. I feel like Jaime’s character was at a crossroads about two season ago and he’s chosen love. In the books he denounces anything he has to do with Cersei and goes to take back the Riverlands and now in the show he’s trying to take back Riverrun as quickly as possible so he can get back to her. I’m sad that they’re keeping Cersei and Jaime together because I felt like him leaving her was a redemption for his character, with them being together I feel like he’s right back where we started in season one. My hope is that he takes the remaining Lannister forces and helps Jon and Sansa take back Winterfell alongside Brienne. I’m 98% sure that won’t happen, since his speech to Edmure completely dashed any hopes of Jaime leaving her once and for all. -_- Jaimeee nooo!

Arya is found hiding in the theater by Lady Crane as she bleeds out. Lady Crane patches her up and feeds her. Telling her about how she got her own revenge on the actress who tried to have her killed. Crane tries to recruit Arya yet again to be in their theater troupe but she says No and tells her that she wants to travel further west then Westeros and see the edge of the world. To ease her pain Lady Crane gives her milk of the poppy, so that she may rest. It was nice to see how much Lady Crane cared for Arya, not even knowing her. I feel like it was something that Arya desperately needed. But alas, she should have known that the Faceless God would do anything to get what was promised to him. The Waif kills Lady Crane and a chase ensues with Arya. Can I point out that the actress that plays the Waif is amazing? Rewatching the episode you can see the murderous smirk on her face while she’s chasing Arya through the streets. Arya leads the Waif to her small hide out and pulls out Needle, The Waif gloats telling her that it will not help her, but Arya closes her eyes and dramatically turns out the lights.

Inside the House of Black and White, Jaqen follows a trail of blood that leads him into the hall of Many Faces and finds Arya there with the Waif’s face. She angrily asks him if he told the Waif to kill her. Jaqen says that he did and that she is finally No One. Arya says that she is not no one but she’s “Arya Stark of Winterfell and I’m going home.” Jaqen nods understanding and Arya leaves hopefully to never step foot in the House of Black and White ever again and hoping that her debt with the Faceless God has been paid. My favorite part was the part where she confronts him about his betrayal, I love the anger in her eyes and the resolve in her voice as she finally understands who she is.

It seems like Arya’s story has come full circle…or has it? Will she make back to her family? Will she finish her list? I enjoyed this episode. I was happy that they reintroduced the Brotherhood without Banners and I was happy with the reunions of Jaime and Brienne and Podrick and Bronn. I’m curious to see what is going to happen with Cersei not being able to use the Zountian and I’m curious to what’s going to happen with Daenerys now being back in Meereen. Will her Dothraki army take out the Masters? Will the Greyjoys come to their aid? But most of all I’m more curious to see what is going to happen with Jon and Ramsay, the next episode is called: The Battle of the Bastards. See you next week, Cheers Geeks!

Final Score 9.0/10


+Bronn+ Podrick

+Brienne + Jaime

+The Hounds revenge

+Dragon Queen returnith

-That weird campfire scene

-Poor Lady Crane

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