Game of Thrones Review: The Broken Man

Hello geeks! All I can say is Wow! This week’s episode was eye opening and was just enough story and build up to leave you salivating for more. Jaime goes to the Riverlands, The High Sparrow has a new victim, Jon and Sansa try to rally the north and Arya wants to head west. I’ve  been thoroughly impressed with this season and if we can keep the Sam and Gilly parts to a minimum I will be very pleased, luckily this episode they are no where to be found. Don’t get me wrong, I love them as characters I just feel that I would rather watch Bran’s, Jon’s, Tyrion’s, and Arya’s parts wayy more than I would want to watch theirs. Sorry Sam.

This episode starts a bit different, it doesn’t go right into its usual intro but it instead starts with a bunch of people of the faith making what appears to be a chapel? And a familiar face is among them a Mr. Sandor Clegane, AKA The Hound. We finally find the truth about the Hound, the wounds that Brienne left him did not kill him and instead he is alive and helping the faith. He was found by Father Ray a very perfect cast Ian Mcshane, who tells The Hound, he doesn’t know what Gods are the true gods, but they have a plan for Sandor Clegane. I loved the speech Ian Mcshane gave and I was so sad to see how short a part he played in Game of Thrones, but it’s definitely one I’ll remember.  While Father Ray laments about the actions he took in his past life, three men ride up to them asking for horses, food, or metal. By the looks and the tension that fills the air, you know right off the bat that these men are trouble. The Hound warns Father Ray, but he shrugs it off; however, the Hound is correct, and the men are trouble. They raid their little camp and kill everyone including Father Ray while the Hound was out gathering firewood.  He returns and sees what the brigands from The Brotherhood did.  He grabs an axe, there is work to do.

In King’s Landing, The Sparrow has a new target: Olenna Tyrell, the Queen of Thorns. It’s hard to figure out who’s using who. I was sure that Margaery purposely made an agreement with the High Sparrow so that she could spare Loras from future torture.. The Sparrow has everything he needs…he has Margaery, and therefore he has the Crown. He even tries to persuade Margaery to lay with Tommen so they can make an heir and makes an off handed comment about how he wishes her grandmother would atone and that he worries about her body and soul. Taking his warnings as a threat Margaery meets with Olenna and convinces her to go back to Highgarden, even so much as hiding a rose drawing in her hand, letting her know that she hasn’t forgotten who and what she is. So what is Margaery’s end game?!

It’s not long after that, that Cersei meets with Lady Olenna and begs her to stay and help her in King’s Landing. Olenna the delightful Queen of Thorns sticks it to Cersei good. She tells her that she has failed, she was the one who gave the High Sparrow power and now it has ruined them all and that she has lost. It was amazing finally watching Cersei squirm as Olenna lays into her about her failings. It’s about time that someone put her in her place and It was almost cruel when Olenna tells her that she is the most vile human being she has ever met. Watching as all the story play out in King’s Landing has made this part of the show truly entertaining.  I’m not sure what’s going to happen next,  but I have a feeling that people are going to die.

Jaime goes to the Riverlands to get back Riverrun from the Blackfish. With him is his trusty right hand Bronn, who is a sight for sore eyes. It was fun to watch Jaime pull rank on the moronic Freys. Their attempt on seizing Riverun is a sad affair and Jaime has had enough of it, so he goes to parley with the Blackfish to spare the lives of their men but the Blackfish just laughs at him and sizes him up,  announcing that he is a broken man and that he can try all he likes but he’ll never take Riverrun back. I think this was just Jaime’s way of ending the siege attempt fast so he can get back to Cersei.

Jon, Sansa and Tormund meet with the remaining clans of Wildlings, and, with a rousing speech from Tormund, they finally get them to agree to help Jon fight Ramsay at Winterfell. They then ride for Bear Island and meet with Lyanna Mormont, probably the most badass ten year old in all of Westeros (#lyannakillramsay). Their second attempt at trying to rally for aid would have fallen flat if it weren’t for Sir Davos and his onion tongue. After finally winning her over, Jon asks the important question: How many fighting men can they expect House Mormont to provide? Sixty-two.  Sixty-two men, men whom Lady Mormont claims are each worth five mainlanders.  Welp, I guess we’ll see!

The next stop is House Glover. Tensions are still tender when it comes to the Starks because of Robb’s untimely defeat at the hands of the Freys, it also doesn’t help that Jon has the Wildlings backing his army, and they are turned down by Lord Glover. I’m wondering if at this point Brienne and Podrick are making for Riverrun to recruit more men from the Blackfish. Davos, Jon and Sansa return to their camp with their tails between their legs desperate for more men, Sansa writes to Baelish. I’m 99% sure it’s Baelish, they don’t tell you but I know it is, and I predict Baelish is going to come back with the army of the Vale and he’s going to save the day and make everything better for Sansa. Dear God gag me.

We finally see where Yara and Theon Greyjoy ended up! They crossed the Narrow Sea and are now docked at Volantis and getting their beaks wet at a brothel, so to speak, before they set off in search of Daenerys.  I feel so bad when they make penis jokes to Theon. He knows he doesn’t have one, stop reminding him! But I was happy to see Yara and Theon bond even if it was tough love. ALSO I can’t believe they are going to see Daenerys!

In Braavos, Arya has made up her mind she is going home. She pays for voyage on a vessel to take her back to Westeros, and for the first time, I feel like Arya knows exactly what she wants, and she’s happy about it. But the happy tidings don’t last long as she is attacked by the an old waif who slices at her stomach and stabs her multiple times. Arya escapes into the bay and swims ashore, trying desperately to find someone to help her, but also she’s suspicious that anyone could be the Waif and Jaqen. HOLY SHIT!!! I’m hoping the actress helps her, she can’t die, right? And wasn’t the Waif suppose to not let her suffer? I feel like stabbing someone in the stomach is a very slow way to die… why not cut her throat?

I was very happy with this episode and it makes me even pumped for the next one because it seems like shit is going to hit the fan! I want to know what’s going to happen in King’s Landing!! Is Cersei finally going to get what’s coming to her? Is the High Sparrow going to prevail? Where are the Sand Snakes?! What’s going to happen to Arya?!?! Until next time Geeks, Cheers!

My Final Score 8.5/10

+Sandor Clegane

+Lyanna Mormont

+Olenna Tyrell

-The Death of Father Ray

-Stupid Waif

Sam Sarvis is one of The Geekiverse’s resident GoT lovers. On more than one occasion, she has said that she will “end” Austin Brunner.

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