Emma Frost, Little Miss Funeral, & Letterset Reunion Tour? The Geekiverse Show! #44

Where did all that hair go?

It’s The Geekiverse Show #44! The boys dig into everything under the sun. Gene wants to know when Josiah’s band is having a reunion show, Adam discusses his love of Green Lantern, and Netflix becomes a controversial topic.

**At the end of this episode, listen to Letterset’s never-before-released anniversary version of “To Join The Ranks of Emma Frost,” a single from our 2009 full length album, “Sequel.” Watch the episode for the description, but back in 2009 when we recorded the track, the song was drastically changed in tone and feel from its original state, producing the one you heard when you played the album through on your iPod or in your car. In 2014, mere weeks before my wedding, we were able to secretly re-record the song to more align itself to the original vision, with subtle tweaks that matched the real life “happy ending.” I poured my love and passion into it and am excited that Gene, Adam, and the rest of The Geek Crew (and my bandmates, of course) provided me an opportunity for this to be heard. Enjoy and don’t forget – this sucks! Josiah LeRoy

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