Don’t Over Villain Spiderman Homecoming

The Civil War is over, and the winners were very clearly Spiderman and Black Panther. Chadwick Boseman’s new movie “Marshall” is filming here in Buffalo, and I’ve been thinking of tracking him down and telling him. So, despite a bunch of other superhero films opening between now and July 7, 2017, my sight’s are clearly now set on the web head.

There’s so much to talk about. So many rumors and a few confirmations. It’s like Spideypalooza, which is great for me, as Spidey was my guy in my formative, comic reading years in the 1970’s and 80’s. Fueling my excitement, artist Jeffrey Henderson released some old concept art for the scraped Sam Raimi Spiderman 4.


We know a few things. Tom Holland has proved his chops in Captain America: Civil War. Give the kid a good script, he’ll do great. We know that Aunt May is going younger with Marisa Tomei, who we also saw and liked in Civil War. We know that the cast also includes Disney star Zendaya, maybe if this works out she can afford a last name.  Rounding out the who we do know are Laura Harrier of One Life To Live and Tony Revolori of The Grand Budapest Hotel. All three are playing undisclosed roles at this point, although Zendaya’s character is apparently named Michelle. All are quite young, and may be playing Peter Parker’s high school class mates.

A few rumors circulating about the villains for the film. As Michael Keaton began talks and then ended talks and then began talks again to be the film’s baddie, and as the first five films beat the shit out of the  Osbourne/Green Goblin characters, it’s nice to hear some different names.

spiderman green goblin

The odds on favorite for Keaton? The Vulture, a long time Spidey foe. Adrian Toomes, the original Vulture, doesn’t have super powers, just a cool suit that allows him to fly and boosts his strength. (Sounds a little like a suit Keaton wore before. Just sayin’)

In addition to the Vulture, a couple of other names have been bandied around. The Tinkerer, who would help build the suit. According to the website JoBlo, who says the Tinkerer is in the film,

“The Tinkerer, who will help him build his suit with recovered Chitauri tech from the Battle of New York.”

Woo hoo. Tying that whole MCU together. Maybe Spidey and Tony Stark can stop for shwarma after they kick bad guy ass.

If I was a super hero, I wish I had tinker powers.

Finally, another name I’ve heard in multiple articles, probably all sourced by the same original source, is the Black Cat/Felicia Hardy. One article connected Zendaya to that role. I’m not so keen on this idea. One of the best parts of the relationship between Felicia and Pete is the sexual tension. They have been on and off lovers over the years. Well, Pete is 15 years old in this. Add her to this film and you get a Gotham imitation with Bruce and Selina. No thanks.

spiderman blackcat

If you didn’t look at the concept Jeffrey Henderson concept art I spoke of earlier, now is the time to see who the villains were supposed to be. Notice the scenes with Pete and Felicia at the end. Yes, I think I mentioned that.

Overall, I would advocate that director Jon Watts and writers John Francis Daley and Jonathan Goldstein ( apparently, you need to be named John to work on this film) keep the characters, good and bad, to a minimum. The Spiderman films are often marred down with too many villains and side stories and clutter. Spiderman 3 and The Amazing Spiderman 2 both suffered from overvillainitis. Seriously, keep it simple. It was one of the charms of Antman. This film could easily get weighed down if they bring too many characters from the MCU over. Learn from the mistakes of the past.

Luckily for me, I am such a Spidey head, I generally like the films even if they are terrible.

What do you think? Should they toss some villains at it, or should they load up? Leave me a comment below.

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