The Path: Season 1 Review

Let’s start off with this: My friends and I started watching this show because we had run out of series to watch in which we had all started at the same time. For example, we watched Chuck from start to finish. Nothing will top Chuck for us. Nothing. BUT, the Path is excellent, and we are only one season deep.

The Path Eye Symbol

The path revolves around a religious cult that refuses to call itself a cult (it’s a cult). The “Meyerist Movement” centers around the idea of the the “Ladder.” If you know anything about scientology, this fictitious religion is like that. Meyerism is taken from a book written by Dr. Steve Meyer, which outlines the journey towards spiritual development. Each step is a rung on the fictional ladder, bringing the person closer to enlightenment each time they achieve it. Those rungs (or R’s) are also the basis for authority: a 7R can’t tell an 8R what to do in most cases. Thus, the stage is set for a massive power struggle right from the get go.

Aaron Paul is the focal point of the show, playing a character named Eddie Lane. He’s a father and a husband to a typical Meyerist family; however, he starts questioning the whole thing when he starts seeing things that make it hard for him to accept the Light as reality. Thus, the show follow his Path to finding out the actual truth, and not that as told by the book. He’s a converted member of the Movement, unlike his wife, Sarah, who was born into it. She’s undoubted in her faith of the Light, and its power to guide. Her son, Hawk, is going through the teenage years where he decides whether to take vows to stay with the Movement forever, or going back to the IS (Ignorant Systemite) way of life. They have a daughter too, who plays a lesser role in the show.

While Eddie tries to determine whether he believes or not, there are so many sub-stories that infuriate and entice you throughout the show. Rumors of Eddie’s infidelity, which the audience knows is false but Eddie refuses to deny. Telling that truth would reveal he doesn’t believe like they do. Cal, the unofficial leader, is whole-heartedly making stuff up left and right, including new rungs. Anything Cal does is through “Steven,” a very mysterious character who may or not even exist.  Hawk meets an IS girl who he falls in love with, and he continuously does dumb teen things to ruin his mother’s hope he will stay with the movement. Cal is secretly doing dastardly things left and right. And yet, the director and producers weave you along seamlessly. The one problem I had with the show is why people are blindly following Cal who just does what he wants, and then says, “Steve says.” Then I remember, a lot of people do this in real life.

Not to bring wrestling into this, but to bring wrestling into this… The sole point of performing is to make you feel something. This show makes you feel anger. Sadness. Fear. Disturbed. Lost. I felt incredibly lost throughout the show in my own self views, all because of what these were people doing in the show. Eddie questions everything. Am I questioning things enough in my own life? Sarah follows things blindly, simply because she’s been told it’s what is right. Should I simply know what to do in my life and follow that path? Cal does whatever it takes to simply get the job done. Should I be more forthright in what I want out of life, and do whatever it takes to get the job done (maybe murder, lying, and deceit aside)? The thing I love about this show is that it makes you feel intense emotions, and then makes you think.

I tried to write this without giving the entire show away, so I will tell you this: The Path is exclusively on Hulu, and is worth the watch. If you don’t have Hulu, find a friend who does. If you don’t have friends, contact the Geekiverse and become our friends. One of has to have Hulu right (admittedly I do not, and use my fake friends in Michigan to watch the show)? Give it watch, let us know what you think, and tell us if you think you’re going to follow the Path. Whatever you do, don’t fall from the ladder. It’s a long way down.

Brunner 1.0 is staying very active in his time in Michigan, actually getting out of the house and watching something with friends! Who knew he had friends?

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