WWE Brand Split: Here We Go Again

The WWE did this once before, and admittedly I loved it. Smackdown was important with this format, and it didn’t seem like Raw was filled with bologna for 3 hours. Honestly, Smackdown was the better show storyline-wise most times, and it’s only fault was being on Friday nights when this straightedge ginger was looking to go out and… well. Play video games and drink pop like it was my job (at the time it was).

Here are a few things that we need answers on:

Who runs each show?

McMahon Split

  • WWE released this video indicating Stephanie will run one show, and Shane will run another. Considering Shane gets the big pops and is considered more favorable, I wouldn’t be surprised to see him going to the blue brand to bring up the “New Era” superstars from NXT. That being said, if they want RAW to be the prominent brand, it may not be a bad idea to have him run RAW considering Vince let him run it for so many weeks despite losing to the Undertaker.

Championship for each show?

WWE Title Split

  • Last time they did this, there was the WWE Champion and the World Heavyweight Champion split up, one on each show. Now, there is only the one champion, which leads me to believe Roman Reigns will be featured on both shows (because let’s be real, he’s not losing this belt for a while). And what about the United States and Intercontinental championships? One on each show like last time? Same for Tag Team titles; are they featured on both brands or do we get two tag team champions? A lot will be answered in the coming weeks.

Pay-Per-Views for each show?


  • Last time they did this, each show had their own PPV aside from the big events like the Royal Rumble, Survivor Series, Summerslam, and Wrestlemania. I was not a big fan of this back in the day. Pick 3-4 storylines from each show and make them PPV matches. Make the pre-show mean something! Or don’t have a pre-show. WWE controls the time of these events with the network (assuming they control when they can get into the venues for setup). Hopefully, they allow each brand to be featured on the PPV, and give Mauro Ranallo a chance to call more matches on WWE programming. The dude is awesome!

Here’s the thing Geeks. Brunner 1.0 is going to the Raw AND Smackdown BEFORE the first live Smackdown. That means some crazy stuff is going to happen… and that means you’ll get coverage live from the events on the social media accounts. What’s that? The Geekiverse has all those social media accounts?! IF YOU SMELLLLLLLLLL, WHAT BRUNNER 1.0, IS COOKIN!

Brunner 1.0 is the best in the world at what he does, but no one is exactly sure what he does… and you can’t teach that.

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