Azrael, or is he fake?

Your favorite (just kidding) villain is back!


I’m just going to say this outright, I don’t like the Azrael storyline at all. Maybe it’s a good storyline for the sole purpose of bringing back people from the dead, but it’s just not exciting enough.

Hugo Strange has a whole new relationship with Azrael, and I can’t wait to see his downfall. Strange and Ms. Peabody need to finally succumb to what they’ve dished out, which is a whole lot of terror to the innocent Gothamites. Jim Gordon knows that Strange was the one to run the program that Thomas Wayne started. Thomas Wayne wanted it simply to be a research facility and to do good for people, but Strange of course, well, had to make it strange.

When Azrael was about to strangle Strange, it was comparable to our current U.S. presidential election, I couldn’t decide which one I wanted to win, because they’re equally bad to the characters who entrusted them, and clearly since Azrael survived, “the redeemed one” is appropriate for the translation of Azrael. But, when Azrael was attacking the friend Nygma made in Arkham, that one went straight for the heartstrings.

“I am the angel of death, Jim Gordon dies tonight.”

No Azrael, you die tonight.

Not without some complications though, with Tabitha and Barnes becoming Azrael’s victims, with their fates unknown.

Azrael couldn’t completely go away though, not until he had flashbacks to his life before Strange resurrected and revamped him. In an alleyway, he saw images of himself running for mayor, which brought back memories, and eventually leading him to remember that he wanted to kill Bruce in his previous life.

The whole city of Gotham was surprised to see Azrael back to life, especially Penguin. The entire city of Gotham pretty watched Jim Gordon throw Azrael off a building, while Azrael got back up unscathed.

The best part of these few episodes was the awkward motley crew reunion between Harvey, Jim, Penguin, Azrael and Butch, and the intense music in the background added a finality dimension to the scenario. Penguin was the best thing to happen to that episode, though his part was small. He brought back the umbrella, that clearly failed as a weapon the first time, and Butch let Galavan Azrael/Galavan have it with a giant gun blow torch.
With Azrael gone (or so we think…), we are teased with images of Firefly being brought back, and even a little Fish Mooney action.

The only other noticeable part in these episodes was Ed Nygma. But really, Nygma? You’re supposed to be the smartest person on the show. What would possess you to get 99% of the way to escaping, just for you to make a big racket and get caught after all the effort you put into breaking out of Arkham? But, for us the viewers, at least we’ll be seeing more of him and his new crew he assembled inside.



We have two episodes left of this season, so the writers better bring their A-Game, so we can end this season with hopes for a great third season.
+Nygma made friends

+Penguin brought his umbrella

-The previews of Fish Mooney coming back

-Barnes is still mean to Gordon


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