A Note From The Founder: 2 Years of Geeking Out

This is just the beginning, but the journey so far has been unbelievable.

<WATCH 2 Years of The Geekiverse: The Journey So Far Video Below>


Hello Gamers, Movie-goers, and lovers of everything Geek, We’ve just celebrated 2 years of The Geekiverse!

I’ve long had a dream to make this a reality and year two was an incredible success for us. We launched our official Youtube channel that features multiple shows and weekly videos, along with our podcast on iTunes. Our family grew immensely this year, from writers to video producers to graphic designers. We hosted our first live event, bringing Rooster Teeth’s wildly popular Lazer Team to Buffalo, NY, as well as coverage at our first convention in The Midwest Gaming Classic. Oh, and we became an official part of the It’s A Thing Media family with Buffalo Stuff.

I hope that you’ll continue on this journey with us, as we grow and continue to talk about, write about, and share the things in life that we are so passionate about. Don’t forget – Geek is Chic.

If only we could see what year three will hold.

Thank you to The Geekiverse community for supporting us, reading our content, and joining in conversation with us. It means so much to me and I hope my passion shines through.

Please forgive me if I miss anyone! Thank you to our incredible, enthusiastic, optimistic staff, past & present: Lauren LeRoy, Pete Herr, Jamie LeRoy, Adam Herr, Jeff Pawlak, Sam Sarvis (you have been here since day one!!!), Andrew Garvey, Austin Brunner (sole representative of The Geekiverse: West), Seth Zielinski, Jeff Dugan (aka “Beta”), Trevor White (aka “Brunner 2.0”), Gene Williams, Vilona Trachtenberg, Nick Ramirez, Alicia Steinkirchner,  Lou Mattiuzzo, Chris Austin, Kevin Kapsiak, John Fick, Nate Lockhart, Dan Manns, Adam Bardol, Matt Boyle, Ed Lubecki, Jackson Zimmerman, Nick Stilb, The LeRoy Family, and all of our lovely, lovely fans and friends.

As always, May the Geek be with you and HIT THE DAMN BUTTON JAMIE!

Josiah LeRoy
Founder, Managing Editor

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