New Starter Pokemon for Moon and Sun Revealed

This November, the latest versions of Pokemon will come to the your Nintendo DS. Now we know what your choices will be to start the journey to catching them all.

From the official Pokemon channel on Youtube, we get the first look at the 3 options (plus an adorable cameo from none other than Pikachu). Let’s break them down.

RowletFirst, you can choose to start with Rowlet if you’re into the bird thing. It looks like a little Owl with a small leaf bow-tie. Seriously adorable. This is a grass and flying Pokemon that appears to have some sick grass moves from the air. Quite interested to see how this one evolves because honestly, I don’t see a fierce Owl type final form being that enticing, however I was never a big Venusaur fan either. That being said, Venusaur could be an absolute beast when used correctly, so shame on me.

WATCH: The Geekiverse Crew talks Pokemon on The Geekiverse Show.


Next we have Litten, a small fire cat Pokemon. This Pokemon already has my heart, because for whatever reason I’ve always loved the fire Pokemon. I nearly always chose Charmander, because I knew that little dragon was going to grow wings and breathe even bigger fire. Needless to say, I will definitely be starting my Sun or Moon game with Litten… for my first run-through.


Last, we have Popplio, a small water Pokemon that looks like a seal wearing a clown nose. Is it possible to be more adorable than Rowlet? Popplio may have achieved it. It looks vicious, though with a massive water cannon shooting out it’s nose. Popplio honestly reminds me of Lapras, so it will be interesting to see that evolution.

We also get a look at the legendary Pokemon on the cover of Sun and Moon, however we have no clue what these Pokemon are called. One looks like a Sun Lion and the other looks like a Moon Bat. Pokemon, you tease!

So which Pokemon are you starting off with? Let us know if the poll below!  There are no wrong answers. Unless you go with Rowlet like Pawlak.

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