Game of Thrones: Oathbreaker Review

Hello Geeks! Another episode has come and gone. Not much happened during this episode but as we all know, it’s setting us up for the more important episodes to come. Don’t read if you’re not caught up. Spoilers are contained within!

Gilly and Sam are on a ship heading to Old Town (or that’s what Gilly thought), while Sam has arranged for Gilly and Baby Sam to head to his father’s so that they can remain safe while he studies in Old Town to become a Maester. I found it adorable that Gilly is now calling Sam the father of her child.

Bran and the Three-Eyed Raven go back in time where Ned Stark and his men fought to rescue Lyanna from Rhaegar’s Kingsguard. Here is some background for those of you who need a refresher. Lyanna is Ned’s sister who was kidnapped by Rhaegar Targaryen who, at the time, was married to Elia Martell. Yes, the woman who was brutally raped and murdered by the Mountain during the Siege on the Red Keep. Lyanna Stark was betrothed to Robert Baratheon, who started a rebellion to get her back and put an end to the Mad King. It is told that Rhaegar kept Lyanna in the Tower of Joy, where he raped and murdered her. The only person who knows the truth of what happened to Lyanna was Ned who rescued her and ended up saving his dear sister. Bran watches as his father and his father’s men (one of whom is Meera’s father, Howland Reed ) engage the Targaryen Kingsguard. Ned tells them that Mad King Aerys is dead and so is Rhaegar and that they have no more reason to keep Lyanna. The leader and the best sword fighter in the Five Kingdoms, Arthur Dayne, tells him that they were ordered to stay at the Tower and that’s what they’ll do. A fight ensues with just Ned and Dayne left standing. Dayne is by far the superior sword fighter, but a surprised attack from Meera’s father ends the fight and Ned makes his way up the stairs to the Tower. The Three-Eyed Raven tells Bran that it is time to depart but Bran, much like the rest of us, wants to see Lyanna and the true nature of her death. I personally think she died giving birth to Jon. Bran calls out to Ned who pauses on the steps and turns around. The Three Eyed Raven ends the vision and they wake up in his den. Bran angrily asks why he did that and yet again, The Raven repeats that if you stay too long, he will not return. Bran angrily says that he doesn’t want to stay here in the cave and end up an old man. The Three Eyed Raven tells him that he will not be staying there and growing old, that he will leave once he learns everything.

Daenerys is taken to Vaes Dothrak, where she meets with many other widowed Khaleesi, the Dosh Khaleen. The head priestess tells her that numerous Khalasar have gathered there to decide what cities to sack, who will be enslaved and what will happen to her. Daenerys doesn’t understand; she says that it is forbidden to venture out into the World after their Khal is killed. I’m unsure what this has to do with any subplot and I feel like Daenerys’ story is starting to become stagnant. Here’s hoping that something amazing happens.

Back in Meereen, Varys is doing what he does best: getting the information that he wants. They reintroduce the whore who knows who is funding the Sons of the Harpy. Varys tells Tyrion, Missandei, and Greyworm that the Sons of the Harpy are being funded by the Masters of Yunkai, Astapor, and Volantis. They know that they can not leave and fight them because Meereen will be over taken, so Missandei says the only way they can win is to negotiate using their language. Tyrion asks if Varys can send word to the cities and he says that he can by using his little birds.

In King’s Landing, we learn that Varys’ little birds were actual children. He would give them sweets and toys in exchange for information. Qyburn is to keep doing this to get information for the Lannisters. Cersei and Jaime make their way to the small council where they are not taking “No” for an answer. They will sit on the small council and start deciding what is going to happen in King’s Landing. If you’ve forgotten, Cersei was removed after Margaery was made Queen. The small council consists of Kevan Lannister, hand of the king, Mace Tyrell, Maester Pycelle, and Olenna, who is back in King’s Landing because of Margaery’s imprisonment. Cersei and Jaime ask for assistance with revenge for the murder of Myrcella and the atrocities of the High Sparrow. The council disregard their request and leave them. King Tommen goes to the High Sparrow, asking for Cersei to be able to see Myrcella’s resting place. He yet again denies him, and tells him that Cersei, even through everything she’s endured, still has to face the gods. Tommen, who is still seething with anger because of the lack of his strength, gets more advice and council from the High Sparrow about how Cersei’s love for Tommen outshines everything. I feel like they’re trying to tell us that everything Cersei has done, she’s done to protect her children, and so far, she’s failed.

In Braavos, Arya has started her training. It montages through her training, as she is starting to heighten her hearing and sense of smell. She also talks about her past and about her revenge list. By the end of her montage, she has completed most of her training. and is rewarded with the return of her eyesight.

At Winterfell, Ramsay and Lord Karstark are meeting with Umbers who are angry that Jon let Wildlings into their lands. Ramsay says he’ll help them drive back the Wildlings if he swears fealty to them but he won’t swear fealty to the Karstarks or Ramsay. He calls Roose Bolton a traitor and instead gives him a gift. I was very sad to see that Shaggydog was killed, another Direwolf dead…so what was the point of having the Direwolfs again?

Davos can barely believe his eyes as he watches Jon sit up and take some shaky breaths. Melisandre comes back into the room and also cannot believe her eyes. Jon is alive and breathing. They ask him if he remembers anything – he replies that he remembers being stabbed by Olly and that he should be dead, that he shouldn’t be here. Melisandre tells him that Stannis was not the Prince promised by the flames, that it is him, that there is a reason that the Lord of Light let Jon return. Davos asks Melisandre for a moment alone with Jon. Jon tells him that he thought he was doing what was right and it got him killed. Davos tells him to not give up and continue doing what he is doing, to not be afraid to fail. Jon finally musters up his strength and leaves the room to a crowd of Brothers and Wildlings in the courtyard. Watching him embrace Tormund and Edd was heart-warming and hilarious (I’m looking at you Tormund). I really wanted to see what Thorne and Olly would have said when they first saw Jon among the living, but they skipped to the part where they were going to be hanged. I was a little disappointed but watching Olly and the rest of the traitors get hanged was incredible and I don’t have any remorse for them whatsoever. It’s after Jon swings his sword cutting the rope to seal the fate of Alliser Thorne and the others that Jon walks to Edd and gives him his coat, telling him that his watch has ended.

WHHATT?! Is Jon giving up on the Night’s Watch?! Something tells me this is only temporary, because the War in the North will begin when Sansa finally makes her appearance at Castle Black or when Jon finds out that Ramsay is holding Rickon hostage. It’m also wondering if Jon is afraid of dying again. He said that he saw nothing when he was killed; he remembered dying, and he even felt the stab wounds they had left. If that doesn’t scare someone, I don’t know what will.



The episode was slow, but there was a ton of setup for episodes to come and I have a feeling that they won’t reveal Lyanna until the 10th episode. Cheers Geeks! See you next time.


+Dead Thorne and Olly

+Arya’s training

+Bran’s Flashback

-Dany’s slow going story

-Rickon’s capture


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