Breaking News: Castle Canceled After 8 Seasons

News was released today that the hit ABC show is ending this Monday, May 16th, rather than continuing on with a 9th season without co-star Stana Katic.

This shocking news came to us just short of 4 weeks after learning that Stana Katic would not be continuing her role of Kate Beckett in season 9. Nathan Fillion, who played the title role of Richard Castle, had already signed on for the next season before the decision to end the series had been made.

Both leading actors tweeted about the show’s cancelation, with respect for their coworkers and fans.



“Dear Castle Fans, cast & crew: Your devotion to our show has carried us for those unforgettable 8 seasons. I’m lucky to have met & worked with & for the lot of you. I will always be grateful.”

Katic’s handwritten note sent a heartfelt message to both the fans and her Castle co-stars and crew, thanking them for their devotion to the show.



Fillion’s tweet was also heartfelt, saying he felt honored to have worked with the Castle cast and crew. His feelings about the show’s end seem to be coming out, as he went on to tweet, “Dear Every Director, It appears I have an opening in my schedule.” He also seems to be making a statement about the character of Richard Castle, saying, “Dear Fans, In whatever project I do next, loudly notice how unlike Castle and fresh and versatile I am. Thanks.” Kind of sounds like he felt the character was stale and unchanging, but, I along with many fans I’m sure, think Castle’s character was classic and had many endearing characteristics. Maybe he just doesn’t want to be type cast.

Upon hearing the news, I am surprised, but ultimately not heartbroken over it. As much as I love the show, it seems to be past its prime, and especially now that we are losing the character of Beckett, I think ABC has made the right decision in ending it.

Executive producers of the show, Alexi Hawley and Terence Paul Winter, told Entertainment Weekly that they had shot a scene for the season 8 finale that would only air if the series ended up being canceled. They had hoped this scene would not have to be shown, but they wanted to tie up loose ends for the fans if it came to that. At least we’ll get some answers, folks.

One thing I am curious to see is what happens to Castle and Beckett. When the trailer for the season finale aired on Monday after this past week’s episode, it seemed to be teasing Beckett’s imminent death, considering that she would not be making an appearance in season 9. Now that this will be the series finale, I have completely new thoughts on the subject. This opens us up to different possibilities, such as Castle and Beckett running off together, or the darker version where they both end up dying. They could really do anything at this point, so this finale is very much anticipated. If ABC had made the decision to cancel the show sooner, they might have lead up to this final episode a bit more, giving it more momentum to end spectacularly.



What will Castle and Beckett’s fate hold? Do you think the show will end on a good note, or do you think there will be tragedy, as the series finale trailer teased? Become part of the conversation and leave your comment below!

Jamie LeRoy is the Head Photographer and Graphic Designer for the Geekiverse. She has avidly watched all 8 seasons of Castle.

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Photo courtesy of ABC.

2 thoughts on “Breaking News: Castle Canceled After 8 Seasons”

  1. I don’t know how Castle will end, but I hope it’s on a happy note. When I read Nathan’s tweets, they didn’t sound so nice. He sounded kind of bitter, and as though he didn’t want to be typecast (which I understand). I wonder though, if he were offered a Sci-Fi lead role, would he accept?

    1. I agree with you! I hope he does get offered a lead in something Sci-Fi, or maybe a leading superhero movie role sometime in the future. I think he would accept, seems like he’s looking to do something big now that Castle is over.

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