Castle: Hell to Pay Review (SPOILERS)

Castle may have literally made a deal with the devil.

What a way to start off an episode! A power outage, Hayley and Alexis alone at the office, and a man stumbling in carrying a bloody ax and speaking Latin, then abruptly keeling over before Hayley can even shoot him in self defense. How creepy! It just gets worse from there, folks.

With the huge storm making videos and photos go haywire, everything is a touch spookier than it normally would be. Not to mention the fact that the stumbling (and then dead) man escaped from a mental hospital, and no one at the facility thought to call the police, instead having orderlies go out and search for the dangerous missing patient. Is this how they run psychiatric hospitals in New York City?!

I’m not a big fan of scary stuff, so I was ready to brace myself the entire episode. That being said, I felt they did a good job carrying out a creepy plot while not making it unwatchable for people who can’t handle stuff like that.

My first instinct during Castle episodes is that the first person who acts suspiciously and doesn’t have a lot of the focus is probably the culprit, so I thought it may be the director of the psychiatric hospital. However, this time around, they had various characters who acted mysteriously and didn’t have much screen time, so it only made sense for two different people to be the bad guys. It wasn’t a huge shock that Mrs. Cramer turned out to be the person who killed Shaw, but surprisingly, Oscar was the one trying to fulfill what his father set out to do in hunting down the alleged Antichrist and attempting to kill Victor Crowne.

It’s incredible to me how Castle’s whimsical and far fetched ideas always end up helping the investigation. Whether these ideas are realistic or not, they often lead to discoveries in the case, especially in this particular episode. Since Shaw really did believe in everything he had learned about demons and the Antichrist, it was easier for the NYPD to track his moves with Castle making wild guesses based on the plot of the movie The Omen and his research about demon lore.

One thing to be said about Victor Crowne is that he really was a suspicious character, right up to the very end. My favorite moment for him was when Castle asked him if he really was the Antichrist, and he didn’t give a definitive answer. Instead, he told Castle that he loved his sense of humor and that he owed him now, since Castle had saved his life. “Did I just literally make a deal with the devil?” Classic Castle.

Beckett really showed her wild side by scaring the daylights out of Castle when he was researching this Antichrist business, and then again when she brought Castle with her to his office to scare Alexis and Hayley during their movie night. Beckett’s come a long way from the beginning of the series, as she used to be a wet blanket about this kind of thing. Slowly throughout the seasons, Beckett started scolding Castle less for his silly antics and eventually, it rubbed off on her, until she became his true counterpart. Castle and Beckett are completely perfect for each other, and I am dreading next week’s episode in which we find out Beckett’s fate.

In other news, the preview for next week’s season 8 finale called LokSat “the conspiracy they’ve relentlessly pursued.” Maybe I have a different definition of the word “relentless,” but I’m pretty sure Beckett and Castle forget about LokSat a lot of the time. When they do think about LokSat, they coincidentally find a ton of leads and info about it with help from Vikram, who shows up at will. Anyway, the preview also plays up the possibility of Beckett’s death, something fans are dreading the thought of, since we all know Stana Katic is not staying on for season 9. I’m not sure if this is what happens, but I am leaning toward thinking they won’t kill Beckett off, especially since they teased it in the preview. There is of course the possibility of a witness protection program, as well as Kate leaving New York for another job, or any one of a million other possibilities. We’ll just have to wait and see.

“There’s no reason this has to end in tragedy.” “Everything ends in tragedy, even an epic love story like yours.” Well that’s reassuring. Here’s to hoping they find a different way to have Beckett’s character exit the show!



All in all, this episode ended up being a little too all over the place for my taste. I thought there were too many murder suspect possibilities, although it was an interesting twist that two different people ended up being guilty. I’m starting to enjoy the character development in Detectives Ryan and Esposito, as they’ve shown more personality in recent episodes. I’m not sure what to expect of next week’s episode, but let’s hope the season goes out with a bang!

+ “Man, I hate walls of crazy.” -Ryan

+ “Not your usual crazy. Next level nutter!” -Beckett

+/- Hayley’s character is growing on me, but I’m still not ok with her being a pseudo-replacement for Beckett.

– Castle didn’t even attempt to open that safe before now? It’s in his nature to be curious about everything, so there’s no way he’s never desperately needed to know what was behind that door in all the time he’s rented this office space.

– Castle went back to his office and into the safe alone in the middle of the night. Come on now.

– I don’t think Castle, being as smart as he is, would not have realized that the zipper on his jacket was causing the light to glimmer on his neck in photos and videos all along.


What did you think of this week’s episode of Castle? What was your favorite part of the show? Are you prepared for Beckett’s possible death next week? Leave your comment below!


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6 thoughts on “Castle: Hell to Pay Review (SPOILERS)”

  1. Wow, Jamie. I also thought the Director of the facility was the murderer. I didn’t think this one was as good as the last few episodes but it did have its moments! This one was definitely a bit high on creep factor. I’m not a fan of horror either! But I loved it when Beckett scared Castle! And oh, the last part where they pull a prank on Alexis and Haley!!! 😂

    Oh, how I’ve missed Castle’s crazy, wild theories. I hear that there are two versions of the finale depending on whether ABC renews/cancels the show. 🙁 Hopefully, it won’t end tragically… Or at the very least, I hope it’ll be something that’s not too hard on us. Fingers crossed!

      1. Yes, I actually wrote about that in a news bit about Castle’s cancellation and that alternate scene business was included in it! I hope it ends well for Castle and Beckett. Anyway, I’ll give it a read!

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