Summer Movie Preview: 5 Worth the $$$

So in Grand Rapids, Michigan, one of our theaters shows off previews for upcoming movies, as a movie. Yes, an hour and a half of movie previews, one after the other. And that’s it. Very strange concept, but one you must do when it’s free! The theater did this for free! So, here are five I think are worth the money, will likely go see, and will likely review for the Geekiverse (order not relevant here).

  1. Neighbors 2. Yes, this is a dumb comedy with no real substance, but it’s just hilarious. The first one was great and I look forward to the married couple joining forces with the frat boy to take down the sorority party animals. It’s the typical sequel for a movie like this, but I’m so in!
  2.  The Infiltrator. Truth be told, I’m obsessed with anything Hal, I mean Walter White, I mean Bryan Cranston does. His Amazon Prime pilot for “Sneaky Pete” is also fantastic. He just always seems to deliver, and I think this movie will be no different. He’s an undercover agent looking to take down Pablo Escobar in 1986. Based on a true story of course, I’m in! John Leguizamo is also a fantastic actor, so to see those two teaming up is intriguing to say the least.
  3. Free State of Jones. Civil War movie? Been there. Done it. It’s called high-school. This movie seems a bit grittier though. Matthew McConaughey has a lot of great on-liners in the preview trailer as he leads a rebellion against the Confederate army. It just seems like a great historical perspective with drama from the get go. As it ends, “there’s plenty left to fight for.”
  4. Suicide Squad. Margot Robbie. Duh. I’m kidding. Mostly. In all honestly, we’ve talked about this movie! With each trailer that comes out, I’m more and more looking forward to this. Check out our previous coverage of the movie here.
  5. Snowden. Okay, this one may simply be because I work in news, but this movie is terrifying. Joseph Gordon-Levitt sneaking his little data card in the Rubik’s cube in the preview had me SOLD. It’s just so genius! That being said, it’s also an eye-opening feature about the reality many people think is happening in this world. I love conspiracy flicks that allow you to make your own judgement. For that reason, I can’t wait.

So there you have it! Out of 40-ish previews, those are just 5 I would actually pay money to see. There are many more that are coming out, and many more you yourselves should go see. SHARE with us! What movies are you looking forward to?

Brunner 1.0 is The Wrestling Geek who sometimes takes the WWE Title’s off and goes out into public to watch motion pictures.

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