CBS Budget Could Be Supergirl’s Kryptonite

The website The Wrap is reporting that CBS and Warner Brothers Studios are suddenly in the middle of an epic battle of their own over the future of Supergirl, which just ended its freshman season a couple of weeks ago.

At issue? The whopping $3 million per episode price tag Warner Brothers charges for the show.  CBS  President, Les Moonves, previously announced that all of their freshman shows would be renewed for a second season. Supergirl’s end of season viewers, however, apparently make it hard to justify the premium price tag. The show premiered to about 13 million viewers and shed half of those over the course of the season.

Supergirl fans, like me, shouldn’t start to worry quite yet. This could be a ploy be the network to bring costs down. Also, the show could be shifted to the CW, with the very successful other DC franchises, The Flash and Arrow. Cost would still be an issue, but the CW is a joint project between CBS and Warner Brothers.

supergirl flash2

How will it play out? We’ll find out in a couple weeks when CBS and Moonves announces their fall season at the up fronts.

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